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YouTube – How to check and repair a dead laptop or netbook(www.MyTutorialBook.com).flv

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Brad Schroder says:

By far the worst video I have watched concerning a “no power-up” condition
with a laptop. I would be willing to bet this guy needs help while tying
his own shoes or picking his nose. I definitely would not let this guy do
ANY work on a laptop that I owned.

Jayne Hathaway says:

Very helpful, thank you.

Jake Smith says:

my laptop would not power up for a few days. I tried it a month later and
the laptop worked for about a month. Now it wont power up again. 

heybaba77 says:

l agree with you brad, this guy is a joke

Dazel Charm Dayondon says:

wrong title.. but nice vid.. thanks..

MsRainbow Brite says:

I bought a new lap top this year and I have to already take it in for
repair. the waiting period is up to two weeks and I was going to go mental
without a computer.
Now I can use my old computer, THANKS EVER SOO MUCH xx

gil torralba says:

actually that laptop you are trying to repair is not totally dead. because
when you pres the power in the first time power led is lit.

Blair Stickland says:

I replaced the power jack. But I unplugged the video cable while the
charger was plugged in!!!! It sparked an then the card reader started to
smoke! Now NO power at all…. Please help me friend! 

Byron McCastle says:

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545, that is telling me that the hard drive is
unseated, I really need help I do not want to loose my information on the
hard drive by taking it to a repair shop, and on top off it all my power
cord had been lost. Help me please. 

Josh Thynne says:

what on earth happens at 7:20 ???

tuko kitkat says:

Hi, great video.
What about black screen/

GLStudios100 says:

I have an old 90s laptop, and this method does not work. What else is a
problem? A small wire (charging) is exposed, could that be a problem? 

technics6 says:

Oh my… I just dissasembled whole laptop and I was about to replace GPU
without checking charger… Thanks for tip man, but…

I think people who don’t know what is voltage and what is red and black
wire for shall not try to repair or diagnose laptops.

technics6 says:

I cant believe that 80% of laptops still have these crap power sockets AND
they solder them to motherboard… These sometimes cause motherboard damage
when cable is pulled accidently. My first laptop died like that. Now I have
IBM with almost indestructable power socket which is kind of flexible and
not soldered to board.

Btw, thanks for the video, I just almost replaced GPU in HP crap notebook
without checking power supply…

Richard Hunting says:
dello abusayaf says:

basic toturial you dont need to show this one even 5 years old baby can do

Sidi Mohamed Moktar says:

thanks too much it is great video

Jose Martinez says:

Great video and troubleshooting BUT for your replacement power supply you
need to check its power output so to avoid testing with a power supply that
is too weak to start the laptop. 

Jose Martinez says:

As a ex-electronic repair man, your starting troubleshooting actions are
100% correct! You do not want to start opening a laptop if the problem is
only the power cord, battery or power supply. Always assume user error when
customer complains his or her laptop does not work.

Mark Felty says:

“Come closer!” Sounds like a creepy old man lol.

Masood Ahmed says:

sounds like a woman had Orgasm at 7:19

Signage Man says:

my friend
my laptop is HP G60
When I turn it on it has a cursor that blinks on boot
no f key functions
no option to boot
power light is on and there is a blinking cursor on the top left of the
it wont power to any booting device

Anil Raj says:
Sylvio Franco says:

Many thanks for taking part of your time to help hundreds of internauts
around the world. who are sedeking for a tip to solve or explain their
Laptop’s problems.

john a says:

I dont get this video…..IF you have a multimeter would you not know what
to look for or how to test the plug on a laptop charger???? since you are
showing how the orientation of the leads are??? Red is positive and black
is negative. ? Am I missing something???

znalac1984 says:

nice vid,can anyone hlp me with this:i have problem with my old toshiba
a305 special edition,it was damaged in water 2 yeahrs ago and now i opened
it and cleaned the motherboard with 96% alch from corosion,the problem is
that it is working now only 5 min and then freezes and shuts down,and it is
dead after that but when i wait one day or two same thing happens,don’t
understand(i cleaned vents,changed thermal paste),is it short on
motherboard or dc pwr jack,tnx

Nikolay Veskov says:

it’s easy maybe i will repair my laptop 😀

upulp2 says:

good video dude


are you cold ? you have a winter hat and a scarf on INSIDE

Mithila Pradeep says:

i got a problem in my laptop it won’t turn it on,then i removed the battery
and chk the power adopter it was working then laptop power socket it is not
loose at all any other reason????

mmua bien says:


Moan Merchant says:

Thanks, very helpful

ronald osoo says:


jasia26 says:

My laptops turns on with the lights on the kayboard but the screen doesnt
light up my laptop doesnt have a battery so its always plugged in

Ben jardine says:

that helped cheers

Mirnel Civic says:

This is just for stupid people you not show nothing. Waste of time…

gopdeep says:

My laptop is not tuning on …. like you said I hv done … and after
putting back the battery when I press the button light flashed 2, 3 times
…. that means there is hope … is it the plug which is wrong ???

bednoob2 says:

i have the same problem. WE NEED HELP!

stuffjunkees says:

This was very easy to understand.Thank you so much!

Raden Nazri Rahizi Jemain says:

if you come closer….

zia kamal says:

I have a Problem with my Laptop ( Dell D620) it just on for 5 seconds and
then turn off i need urgent help plzz

ferdz roces says:

this instruction is very clear, thanks to this.

jahkwes says:

@zia kamal i have the same laptop with the same problem…

Kaspars Ozolins says:

video for bimbo

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