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Your iPhone Might Crash at 12:15am Tonight! FIX

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Insane New Bug Causing Some iPhones To Crash at 12:15am Tonight. How To Fix & Prevent. Notification Time Bug Causing Resprings & Bootloops.

iPhone Crash Thread: https://goo.gl/C6vQmY
Recreate Crash Here: http://www.openradar.me/radar?id=4948861755850752


Jake Muse says:

Haha I was on iOS 11.2 then.

Zvix Clade says:

Maybe bug was placed to force users to move to iOS 11.2

10k Marksman says:

I don’t thing Apple should’ve released iOS 11 to the public they should’ve tested it more longer then they did

Mount MC says:

So if I have a heart attack at night and realize and wake up at 12:15 am and when I try to call an ambulance it won't work and I'll die. Lovely

Ariana Grande Mad Fan 2 says:

I am getting an iPad. Will it do it when I get it on Christmas while I'm setting it up?

Carlos Torres says:

Yay i have an iPod fuck you apple

Yousef 6488 says:

It happen to me

TheGuyWithTutorials says:

So I saw this video and I did arch it thrones but it never happened to me and then now 20 days later it's happening why

mujjuman says:

so many fuckin problems lol my iphone 6 still works fine tho

Jaylen Martin says:

Brother match advertising givrhe recipient mix avoid shout general decline preserve.

Carlos Hernandez says:

apple fucking up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashish Rana says:

Great! 😊 I wish i win an iPhone X ❤️

Rakan Gamer says:

EverythingApplePro Please Don’t Say iPhone 10 Please Say iPhone X

Tyrant Tigrex says:

This shit happened to me yesterday!!!

Shooter says:

It happened on my iPad :/

Andrew Hanson says:

I had this bug for 10 days straight and mine crashed every 15 seconds even if my phone was asleep or was playing music with the screen off. I missed this video because of it!

The Game Train says:

its Y2K but in 2K17

… idk

Elias Estus says:

Y is my iPad doing this

Music4ever _ says:

At 12:15 ill be sleeping 😎

Engr. Ishtiaq Hussain says:

I experienced it yesterday night… But now fix it by updating my app to 10.2.1.. Thanks

*The Even 2s In* says:

It’s happening for my iPad

ray kreger says:

apple pro is great

Ani Sha says:

helpppp..I just got it today at 3.10 am :(((((( on my Iphone 7…

Jason Roberts says:

HMMM….this happened to me just over a week ago and I ended up exchanging my iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8.

Akash Mali says:

Can you make a video on how to save ios 11.1.2 blobs because there are some new jailbreak hopes coming out ……plz

Mike Donaldson says:

This is so frustrating. Why doesn't apple tell people about these things? I have to go to Youtube and search for iPhone crashes to figure out what is wrong with my phone. It must be a sign to buy Samsung next time!!!!!

Mrinal Handa says:

The same thing happened to my Samsung s8+ at same time 12:30 am.


Hah i didiint up date mine to 11.2 and i wont ontill i here from ya a fix

DJBenny DJBenny2005 says:

holy moly i just got my new i phone 8 and it really happened

Mac OS High Sierra says:

I dont have the problem i have a Galaxy s8 😛

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