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Your Computer Is Low on Memory Error [FIX] | Windows 8/7/XP/ Vista

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This video will show you how to fix that annoying low on memory error! Windows 8.1,8 , 7, XP & Vista all work with these solutions.
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Comment with any questions down below!


SonicKnuckles1998 says:

I have 2GB RAM. Should I upgrade it?

Sillent Tussler says:

I have 8 gigs of ram. Been useing it for a year and got this message. I
have all recording stuff and photosp and stuff. Can’t j just delete it and
get my memory back? 

Asuna Yuuki says:

Dude thank yhu so much. I started getting this message maybe a week after I
installed 8.1, I refreshed the computer because I figured I’d start over
back to when I knew it was working correctly, and I figured out it was 8.1
and the different features that was making everything crash and freeze and
give me that stupid low memory thing.
Thank yhu so much for making this video~

A. Dyer says:

Great, but how much do I upgrade the virtual memory, if I do it through the
Control Panel – System way??

Aleksandar Desanovski says:

can tell me please for 8gb rem numbers custom size ?

Jaabir Ruhomally says:

hi… I have 6 gb RAM on my laptop and I’m still getting this low memory
message.. please help +Techo536 

gopi nath says:

Very Nice Video , My Problem solve in last option , Thank You

Miranda N. says:

I just got a new HP notebook during Christmas. Is it normal that my
computer has had this problem since the first day I got it?


I have an 8gb ram, in a gaming laptop (qosmio), and i was playing simcity
and that low memory shit popped up, i opened the task manager to see how
much memory was being used and it was on like 34%. so i ignored it and kept
playing than after a while it gave me a DRIVER IQRL error and forced
restarted. It happens almost everytime i play that game. What should i do?

NTMshadow7 Gaming says:

I turned off my computer after the message and it will turn on but won’t
display anything

Ricky12Awesome says:

i have a 12G pc and i have 11.0GB usable but i cant run minecraft on 2G

Fanatiikon says:

you said to put it 3 times my ram so if i got 8 gb of ram i put it on 24 gb
ram ? O.o

Imre Kalman says:

I have a ssd … page fail is disabled and error occures…do i have to
restore pagefail ..ssd don`t need it…

JSolars says:

Hey sir, I don’t know if you know how to fix this, but I’m 8.1 right now
and Fallout New Vegas still gives me the “Out of Memory” message even after
the fixes. Any ideas how to fix this?

Roneva Rolle says:

How to find out how much ram u have

PC Gamer Pro says:

thanks! :~)

Vortex 1753 says:

make more vids on this stuff going more in depth and also please make a vid
soon for modding your fan (ie. making it run faster) thanks

Arkan Adil says:

Thaaanks :)

Marco Toscano says:

Can this cause a windows system error?

Techo536 says:

Hope it helps!

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