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You shouldn’t go to a school to learn basic cellphone repairs.

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S Elavy says:

Tells everyone not to go on a course then half way through the vid tells us he is going on a course. You gotta laugh.

Mark Yates says:

I am not that great at cellular repair but over the last couple of years or so I've gotten better at it. This is excellent advice +Louis Rossman that my family has drilled into me. I was very stubborn but i'm moving forward.

Mark Yates says:

I agree with you. It requires a lot of patience, tlc, organizational skills, and a very steady hand with the ability to screw and oh really good eyes or a headlamp.

That's it. It's a ton of liability though and I choose not to do it anymore. I've made a little money on it though.

Michael Melgar says:

I say got to school if its free. Ive been through it. Its about sharing experiences.

Billy The Technician says:

I agree..☺ Thankyou for the video.

H T R says:

i worked company as repair technician specially laptops for 2 years. it will be nice to have customers and start easy job.
only i need equipment, customers and contract with company who supply components for low price as we do the company i worked for!!!

John Walsch says:

Louis, as a person who was in education for 25 years, and now own a small cell phone repair training center in south Florida, I couldn't disagree with you more. Although you have some strawman examples, the number 1 thing somebody will get from an a education in any industry is confidence and motivation. As you talk about not wanting to insult anybody, you insult everybody who is looking at education to improve their lives. But, I'm sure you know everything coming out of the womb, never had any training in anything. Instead of giving the pros & cons, with useful info, you attack people who deserve better.

James Hayes says:

most real shit i have heard all day

erickjimenez93 says:

great inspirational video bud seriously great job

Ayman Hawari says:

If you pay to learn at school for just LCD and battery replacement and flex cable replacement that is childs play.

now louis is missing 1 thing. I didn't do school I did bootcamp because I was hired by cellphone repair. We didn't just do iphones and android, Ever take apart an old flip phone? How about a sidekick. If you are going for "basics" it better include flipphones and sidekicks. if not you are getting ripped off Our basic were water damage, backlight ic coils, so many board level repairs because some kid tore the pads off an iphone 4 battery connector so we had to run jumpers from the battery and then do the "basic" iphone 4 power/mic cable because the kid broke that as well.

I guess basic is different depending on the needs of the company. As backlights are so common that is basic

Tariq Mehmood says:

yes boss hw r u?ther any device or softwear to find fault in cellphone???

The Creator says:

Is that what happened to you??? You never been to school and suddenly become a computer tech??

VR OR TECH says:

How I can start without any basics ? Is there a course to start from beginning… I want to start opening my own work on mobile repairing

Supplements4TheWin says:

man i wish i knew a quarter of the shit you know 🙁

pbhenry3 says:

i've seen people get out with a bachelors in computer support or science and not even be able to configure a switch or test the voltage of a power supply yet have 40k in debt. No thanks. They are a joke these days when it comes to this stuff, you have underqualified teachers who don't even know the useless course material themselves and just make students buy a software guided series of teaching and all the courses teach nowadays is to replace nearly a whole unit. I hate hearing oh it's a bad motherboard, bad battery etc. no it's not the entire motherboard. Half the time not even the entire battery. I fixed a Lenovo yoga 3 pro battery the other day that wouldn't charge. Cells are great, it was the 5 cent 10k thermal resistor that was bad and why it wouldn't charge. Why spend $60 on a new battery? People are lazy these days. Most people that know technology well are from other countries, not America.

Dan Schwartzler says:

I'm looking to get into repair. Are there free online resources to start? I can do this stuff. I just need a push.

Liaqat Ali says:

this is cool video and professional man to teach other that is awesome man love your vedio. thanks for informative vedio..

Dino Vugić says:

Hi i have some little experience in this, but i cannot do a major troubleshouting or motherboard repairs. Is it advisable to try to learn from someone in person, like a master technician? I would like to get into bussiness.

Mikhail Passee says:

This man here is too real!

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