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Why It’s So Hard To Replace Your iPhone Battery

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Apple recently announced that it was intentionally slowing down older iPhone models in order to preserve battery life. This had been a long-standing conspiracy theory floating around the internet. Apple lowered its battery replacement fee to $29 in response.

However, many people have found it difficult to get Apple to change their batteries. We went to an Apple store to see what would happen when we tried to have the battery on an iPhone 6 replaced. Apple recommended that we keep the original battery.

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seven henson says:

The tone he used when he said "Apple Geniuses" 😅😅😡

howtobebasic1 says:

the reason their doing this is cuz its cheaper to make it disposable thus creating lots of hazardous e watse and ruining the envernment thats why their doing it saving money to make newer ones and having old ones get disposed of.

Tung Nan Kwong says:

And the video does not say about "Why It's So Hard To Replace Your iPhone Battery"

zxcv qwer says:

DLC in phone industry

pall raj says:

Why not use Android instead of such pain 😑😖

InnerFire6213 says:

People made fun of exploding Samsungs, but they handled it pretty well. They refunded all phones, even all the unaffected ones for free. But when apple got caught with its pants down, you're still the one who has to pay for their defect. They screwed you over and still has the nerve to charge you for the battery replacement. This is one of the shenanigans that made me left apple's ecosystem. They don't really care about consumers

伍Joe says:


Ron R says:

You have till December

Saiff ff says:

Watching this from a Windows Phone:p

Thomas Kinkade says:

This is Apple-gate. Christina Applegate should get royalties and Apple should buy thier customers free Android phones.

Jason Hernandez says:

It’s not actually hard. I’m 15 years old and I changed the BATTERY TWICE in MY IPHONE 6. And it was my FIRST TIME CHANGING THE BATTERY. Guess what? I didn’t break my phone it works better than ever! If you think you can do it, do it.

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