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Why Is My Computer So Slow – 2014 Fix Tutorial

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Are you asking, why is my computer so slow?
Download: http://www.RegCurePro.org

If your computer is very slow, takes forever to boot up, run applications and surf the Internet, then chances are you have one or more of the following on your computer making it to run slow.

System Problems – ActiveX and Windows registry errors
Malware – Viruses, Trojans, Spyware Adware.. etc.
Junk Files – Temporary and junk items cluttered

These 3 problems can drastically reduce your computers performance to run at a snails pace if not monitored over time. If your computer is running slow, you should download this tool and let it scan your computer so you can see what problems are leading to your computer being so slow.

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OFF1c1alG3n says:

so CC Cleaner FTW!!!

Harry Shearman says:

Pointless video because all you have done is wasted myself and peoples time
in which downloading a program that you didn’t metion that you have to PAY

Sidney GamingNation says:

2014….. really -_-

D. Vu says:

Reasons computer are slow
1) Virus / Malware / Browser hijack – search conduit
2) The hard drive needs an upgrade. Upgrade hard drive to Solid State
Drive (SSD)

goldmouth100 says:

how much does this cost ?? 

mariano vargas says:

does it cost money?

MJ5Rox says:

Can someone help me please. Yesterday my laptop was running perfectly fine
and smooth and im pretty sure i didnt go to any websites I didn’t know or
download anything yesterday. Today starting this morning my computer
suddenly can barely start up, barely use the internet, can’t watch youtube,
and it takes at least 5 minutes to open up something. Then finally I open
up firefox and then it takes 5 minutes to load. I click on something and it
freezes and says unresponsive script. I was lucky enough my computer let me
even type this right now…

alan zhang says:

1. your recording!

William Toryu says:

Can this program fix my MacBook?

Brenda Ramose says:

i can download anything from my pc becuase it takes forever for my pc to
open the page and load the download :(

Hrane Juniama says:

My pc done the same thing.. I also bought this program and was surprised
that it actually works pretty decent. It does a lot more than ccleaner and
recommend it.. at least it works well for me.

Evilpixel67 says:

because you watch porn

PCOptimize says:
StratosXtraLett says:

i have a desktop problem, i dont know why or how, it just started to run so
damn fucking slow. even when i write now it Laggs. i tryed some other
program to delete virus and useless files but nothing works, i still have
the damn slow problem, i wil try what u recomends. is this just the
same program like ccleaner, Eset, etc? i have tryed the other
antivirusprogram ;/ sorry for my bad english

Mike Thick Shaft says:

If your computer is slow, then you need a new computer.

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