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“WHY IS MY COMPUTER SLOW?” and How to Fix it!

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A step-by-step guide for novice PC users experiencing slowdowns on their new-ish computers.


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Kevin Macleod – http://www.incompetech.com
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Bitwit says:

I hope you guys don't mind this being more of an entry-level video, but I figured there's a large number of mainstream PC users who could use more beginners guides from an enthusiast's perspective. Feel free to comment with your own suggestions on speeding up a relatively new system so others can see. Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

Danut Oprea says:

idk how to say but with 2 gigs of Ram and just some apps that i need to open with the pc i still get to 75% just from rebooting

David Dunn says:

Is it pointless and a waste of space to have an unistaller program? Im new to the pc world and have iobit unistaller after watching this video i think it may just be a waste now lol

silentash94 says:

Thanks i did know of most of the info in this video but it is a nice video to be able to point people to.

The_G says:

If you can't be bothered to check for bundled applications in installers then just download unchecky 😛

MrBoney PantzGuy says:

Hello, I've been having a lot of confusing stuff going on with my pc that past 2 weeks or so. So it was a good coincidence I stumbled into this video. I'm okay with pcs nd diagnosing, I just don't know what going on, and I'm really desperate to rescue it. I run an Asus ROG laptop from 2014 with an I7 4600 @2.4Ghz with a gtx 860, 24gb ram (16 stock) yes it's old and outdated, with the latest Windows 10 update. Ever since the newest update for Windows, it fucked my system over. Everything started crashing, not responding, very slow response times etc. First thing I did was scan for threats, found some, deleted, then restart. It was still doing the same shit. I defragged my Boot (soft) which i need to switch to my ssd, then restart, same thing. I checked all my hds individually to check for threats and clean up all unecissary stuff. Then my entire pc started freezing and a hard reset was the only option. Thinking it should be my Boot drive getting corrupted, checked that and it wasn't. It's to the point, I can't do a manual restart. I have to do a hard restart. I'm currently in the bios trying to figure out what's going on. I was suggested setting the boot set up to default. It's been In a boot cycle for the past hour or so. I havnt been able to get to my desktop In days. Only option is to reinstall Windows, but how can I do that if i can't even boot my pc successfully? D: PLEASE HELP D:

Whatastic says:

It's so weird watching this guy make a proper presentation, is the cabinet out of liquor?

Dewittejager says:

been doing that as work for many years now ive updating uninstalling programs on grandma pc for ages this way it helps everytime thumbsup bitwit

DEKY says:

Wow my pc was so slow yesterday. REALLY SLOW. 90% ram. There was nothing running over 150mb ram. I found a process with 0.1mb ram. I KILLED IT. Then it dropped to 30%.

Budget Gamer says:

I have gone over these exact steps with friends and family member multiple times. Good information for a casual pc user.

ImmunePi3 says:

Wow just got my first pc last week ima gonna keep this vid in mind for future

Delta X says:

Lets be real though, I need an antivirus program because of all the sketchy porn sites I go to

D Johnson says:

Why does my computer take so long to boot up? It used to boot up before the windows logo populated, now it takes like 30 seconds. I reformatted with the same results. I have added like 4 large hard disks since then, maybe windows needs to do something with them during boot?

In general my performance seems normal.

arc00ta says:

OMFG…. netscape fuckin navigator. Don't bring me back to the dark times of dial up please.

Dean Barber says:

Majority of people don't realise the root of their problem is an old hdd, I've had people tell me if they put a new graphics card in a 5 year old amd system it'll run a lot faster. This sadly is rarely the case, always check your temps and make sure your hdd is dying.

Patrick of Babel says:

An add blocker can be helpful, too. Keep those obnoxious pop ups from happening in the first place.

freeman239 says:

Just type msconfig no .exe is necessary!

AcidSugar1414 says:

Buy a Chromebook

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