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Why I NEVER Fix a Computer for FREE

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A classic dialog between an IT guy and his friend who “just has a quick question” that turns into more than you bargained for.


Muhammad Abdullah says:

"immune to sarcasm" OMG

08:47am says:

the internet is inside that little blue eee

Madolite says:

This video is so on crack cocaine. xD

scarsunseen24 says:

This is like 90% of my life.

Xipo86 says:

not true btw. Windows saves error messages in a log file

Luvbaseball58 says:


RandomSilly says:

This is my parents. All the fkin time

MetalBeard says:

It hurts man. This is my life.

lakesidelivin says:

"Usually, I feel like a hooker who was unable to collect her fees!" Hilarious!

I had to break off a relationship with a woman because she was using me to maintain her computer. She was orgasmic every time, after I left.

GirlyGamer86 says:

every time I use the term browser, people look at me like I said something crazy. What browser to you use to view the internet??? Lol

Dod says:

Like in android Ur phone is infecter or ……… other shit

Dod says:

U broken the INTERNET 🙂

jeabo0adhd says:

We have several a week who are like this. Once we had a lady blame us for a broken power supply two years after we reinstalled windows for her.

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