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Why doesn’t Louis fix iPhone logic boards?

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I do not repair iPhone or iPad logic boards, for various reasons. Long story short; more hassle, less time to perform the repair, and much less money to do the same level of work.

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tekvax says:

Louis! you are NOT wrong my friend!!!
Do carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, plumbers, and contractors work for free?!
Then why do you expect me to fix your computer or phone FOR FREE?!?

Hip-Hop & It Don't Stop says:

The reason why I don't fix iPhone logicboards is becuase of nagging customers who have their phones glued to their hand like it is an organ that belongs to their body for survival. I tell them it will take 1-2 weeks and it will cost $200 if they can afford it I will see what I can do, I only charge after a complete repair.

Hip-Hop & It Don't Stop says:

Hey Louis I've been doing logicboard repair for years as well, learned it working for a chip manufacturer. Here is a reason why I don't repair iPhones boards as well LMAO.


Derrell Ray says:

Try working on there damm car,you think the bords are nasty check out there car their really nasty.an they want you to save their 500 or 1000.dollar deductible all the time bitching.

Pavel Sedach says:

One of the links from your video sent me to a video where a company replaces 16 GB Flash chips in an iPhone 6S with 128 GB flash chips (an upgrade).

Video link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5WDDZqhn2s

Is that something that IS profitable or would you still not touch it?

Bodragon “Bo” says:

So much dignity!

Paul Baio says:

I just found this channel at midnight and it is 4:30 in the morning and I cannot stop watching this! I have to force myself to go to bed. It is Christmas day already! That's how good this channel and Louis are! Great stuff, thanks!

Syllith says:

You're a lot like me I feel. I'm a car audio tech at a shop with only 2 people. A salesman and me. I became an installer specifically to avoid people. I understand they don't have a clue about what I'm doing but my god these people are absolutely retarded. For example, yesterday this lady got an RSR, which means she can use her factory keyfob to start her car. Just hit lock 3 times and that's it. Well, today she comes back freaking out because her range isn't far enough to start the car when she's in walmart or something checking out. So now she wants the entire thing removed and refunded because it doesn't work like how she imagined. For one, hell no, she paid to have the product installed and I did it properly and professionally. How is it fair that I get screwed out of money and time because SHE failed to understand what she was buying. Of course the range will be the same as the factory remote. Nobody should need to explain this. I didn't hide magic fairies in your keyfob to give it better range. When you were telling the story of the lady and the iphone, this is what I was reminded of. People who can only use their brains to a tenth of their ability and as a result make my day hell because I'm trying to cater to complete ignorance. There's been times I've had to do the same thing. A customer would be so overwhelmingly difficult within the first 30 seconds of interaction I'd pay NOT to have to fuck with their problems.

DARK-SKY says:

Yes! i can understand what you're going through with people being impatient.

eKriZZLe says:

Sorry, but you sound like a self-indulgent little prick. While not everyone knows what goes into electronic repair, that doesn't matter. Them not knowing is the only reason your business exists and you have any value in this world. Do what people pay you to do, and shut the fuck up about it. You aren't special in any way. Imagine if everyone selling a service acted as entitled and bitchy as you do.

Seriously, go into any other field with your attitude and see how far it gets you.

There's No One Left says:

Far too many smartphone users are just damn scary.

scoupdogg says:

Louis, i think you misread them,
let me guess they were probably girls right?
they probably had some nudes on the phone.. so thats why they must be so anxious XD

Rullmeister says:

An interesting thing I've encountered with phone repairs is when a customer comes in and sais: "oh, that's expensive I'm not gonna pay 150 dollars to repair this screen if the screen is gonna be just as terrible like last time when I went to another shop who only charged me 40 bucks to repair it"… Well there is a difference between quality parts and cheap parts.
There is also the fun customers who come in and sais: "I went swimming with my phone for and hour and then I put it in a bag of rice but it's not working". And you can see the corrosion just oozing out of the phone.
Some people have WAAY too high expectations because the watched a youtube video.

Glenn Billings says:

Do you have family who expect you to repair their devices for free?
I had and older sibling expected me to help them with their computer all the time, until
I finally had to cut them off.

Family, Louis, are the worse.

Djordje Danicic says:

I like you , you are down to earth . Here , fix my Note 3 in 7 days , I won't be bitchy about it . Can i watch you repair it as a reward for being patient ?

Man-Eating Monkey says:

Who the hell takes wedding photos on an iPhone 4?

u666sa says:

Another mistake I made while working was doing repairs in front of customers. Proper thing to do is to take it in, customer leaves, then you do it and call him to come and get it. Even better thing is to have a customer area and your work area visually separate. Because when you do your job in front of them, they will distract you, and always ask to check and fix something else, but, if you took it in, it simply means the problem or a set of problems were clearly stated.

Now, when ready they often will check other sh1t that has nothing to do with your repair, this is also true for notebooks, and TVs. For example you replaced the screen, they will check their charger, CHARGER, not even whether their phone is charging. This summer I had a client order through me a battery, she comes in and says I need to order a battery for this phone. I order the battery, the battery comes in, I give it to her. She sticks battery into her phone and turns it on, gives me the charger and asks me to check if it is charging, the phone is not charging. 5 minutes later she comes in and asks me what she paid money for, what did I repair?! I politely tell her that I did not repair her phone, that she ordered battery from me. How to deal with idiots?

Then there is the other thing, as you call it, if you touched it you own it. Often times I get a phone and I have to replace something stupid USB socket, and some idiots will come in and say that now after repair something else don't work. Never mind that it was present prior to repair, or the problem happened after repair. You repair it, and after you touched my phone this sh1t happened! You are responsible!

I had this woman this past May with iphone 4s, the phone is two weeks old, new, she threw it against the wall, broken screen and rear. She had done in the past repairs at my store. I do the job and it turns out that also audio codec is broken. I tell her, look lady, audio codec is broken, I do not fix that because I have no equipment at this moment, go there and they will fix it. Two weeks later she comes back and yells at me, accuses me of switching out her battery. Because battery in her new phone was fvcked up, her entire new phone was a chinese refresh. How to deal with idiots?

Whatever method you use it basically comes down to fvck you, VS. great customer experience, here lady, I'll replace your sh1t battery for my own money, here Sir, I will also do that for you for free.

In your case you have great customer experience because you charge a lot. I am now too thinking about offering services, in parallel to individual problem repair, that cost a lot more than individual problem repair, but include everything else these morons might dream of in their fvcked up brains. I'm thinking even of free upgrades from individual problem repairs, to some repair package. They come in and b1tch, I tell them, look I did this, this other sh1t is something else, if you want you can upgrade, it will cost this much more, but in return you will get this much more warranty, and this much more service.

u666sa says:

I repair phones, often iphones, often water damage, and yes you are right, phone is person's entire life, without it he or she is fvcked. Another fvcked up thing to repair is a TV. Without it he don't know what to do. But most things I could do within a few hours. Water damage? Usually no problem, ends up being taking shields off and cleaning stuff, less often board repair. The most important thing I find thus far, and I might have to revise it, I don't know yet, it is diagnostics. Always take money for diagnostics up front, post signs that diagnostics is not refundable. This does several things, but most importantly it means the person is commited to repair. If they paid 10 bucks for diagnostics, they are much more likely to agree with your solution and your price, and they are much less likely to b1tch about time. But if you do diagnostics for free, they will say often that repair price is too much, or that the time is too long. Diagnostics, when it is paid upfront and it is not refundable, is sort of wedding ring. You brought it here buddy, you are repairing it here, if you are inpatient enough or if you changed your mind, you are loosing your money, respect my time and my business buddy.

Now what I am thinking now is going back to free diagnostics and no fix no pay scheme that I had before, but a bit differently. Because this scheme goes to great customer experience, which seems to be important in their minds.

sleeptyper says:

microSD card = priceless :D

Michael Whitney says:

It's sad that most people are too dumb to realise how long computer or phone repairs take. It's not a 5 or 10 min job and lets face it even if you know what the problem is etc taking actual phones apart is fairly fiddly with how small screws are and depending on the phone you're working on and what the problem is you may have to take most if not all the internals out for something fairly simple.

My friend from college asks me randomly if I can replace his iphone 5 screen, I said "well I can try but I've only ever replaced a ipod touch 2nd gen screen and it was my ipod touch so if I fucked it up it didn't really matter and I don't have the cash to replace your phone if I damage it even more" He replied that he trusts I can do it and I agreed after thinking about it. He brought the screen and the tool kit for it as I didn't have proper plastic tools for phone repairs or the small screw drivers so he paid for all that too and brought it round 3 days later after the screen had arrived. I used Ifixit.com to know what to do though It slipped past my mind that I would have to transfer the front camera, phone speaker and home button over to the new screen so I was a bit concerned that I'd mess something up. Needless to say I managed to do it and was pretty pleased that I managed to replace the screen and still have everything working.

While I had the phone open I thought I'll be nice and try and fix the power button as some how he had got it jammed and it just wouldn't work I thought It'll be an easy-ish job but after looking on Ifixit for instructions it turns out near enough everything has to come out and I just though fuck that. He wouldn't pay me extra for doing it and there's a higher chance of me messing something up so as it wasn't my phone and he never asked me to repair the home button I just left it. Non the less got a free phone repair tool kit and 20 quid from it.

Warren McClure says:

I dont blame you for not wanting to do iPhone or tablet motherboard repair. Not only do you make less money on it 9/10 but like you were saying people expect you to have it done in like 20 mins or less. At that point I would give it back to them and tell them to fix it themselves. Here what I think of that situation if I were in it. If I had to send my iPhones motherboard in for repair or a laptop motherboard, I would much rather that guy spend quality time fixing it, to take a good day or two or even longer to really get to the source of the problem and truly fix it rather than give that guy less than a hour to fix it only to find out within the next month or two that it breaks again. Sorry for any bad grammar, as you can tell its not my strong suit LOL anyways thanks for this video, I do enjoy them and hope to see more later on(:

Noah Powell says:

so say you have a broken micro usb port in a samsung galaxy s5 how much would you charge for the repair. a replacement usb port is $8 and the only thing it requires is unscrewing the back and taking the screen off with a heat gun

on repair shop said the repair would cost $300 because of the time and skill required. i repaired the thing and it worked great until it fell into a vat of deck stain

John J Kelly says:

yep..i have had customers, text me..when you are passing by, change the code in my access control system, for electric gates or whatever. this is code for do it for free.

Gregory Vigue says:

Great video and advice. It is a valuable skill to know when to give the phone right back to the customer and refuse the work.

James says:

Would it be different if I asked you to fix my phone, but I don't care how long you have it?

wades623 says:

I don't see the problem with fixing something else that is wrong while you are working on it. you could maybe charge some extra or something and explain it to them but just to tell them you aren't going to fix it seems kind of stupid

wades623 says:

apple cult losers seem so desperate to have that piece of shit in their hand

Kris Sumerfelt says:

This is why we have people sign a waver when it comes to water damage lol. It basically states there is no guarantee on getting the phone working and if we do if it dies 3 hours later they agree the sale is final and all data lost is not our responsibility. Also there is a possibility that it could make the problem worse if the phone turns on at all. If we get everything working. 50 bucks. If not than 20 for labor.

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