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Why Does Rebooting Fix So Many Problems?

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Why does the simple act of turning your computer off and back on seem to solve so many problems?

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Negative Recharge says:

my computer has hard drive damage and rebooting doesnt fix that

meemuska says:

i rebooted my laptop but my hard drive was still broken

nick w says:

4 GB RAM never had this sort of problems

BigJMC9 says:

I remember when I made one of my first python scripts and wondered why it was not working until I realised I accidentally programmed a infinite loop

Dujuan Brooks orbitz jr Da2 says:

Because it clears ram-i just save u about 2 min

Zach H says:

YOUR SO RIGHT. I literally tell them Google it. And there like "your better at it" and I tell them that we have the same Google.

SamDJayRob Gaming says:

i tought that my laptop got bsod because of watching youtube that it usally does.

Mr Guest says:

Turned off my mothers laptop and restarted it. Problem solved.

ADRN says:


Jon 1212 says:

I once got a virus on my pc then I rebooted my pc when I rebooted the virus disappeared

Artem Kh says:

That reboot/google the trouble shouting IT specialist actually killed me. Lmao

MWB Gaming says:

hey maybe trans people and those intersex morons.etc should try rebooting their brains to fix the problem that is making them act weird
a bullet is an excellent reset button

betaneptune says:

Thanks for the info. And kudos for a smooth "talk channel". So many videos put unnaturally short pauses between sentences, making it sound choppy or jolting. You do it right and it is appreciated! Smooth. Thank you.

RonkoDDR says:

404 dislikes!! 😎
as of 13.12.18 21:00, Israel time…

Rob K Music says:

Just use that other bridge right next to the broken one. Jeez.

Fast Gameplay says:

It's simple…. Just open up your cpu cabinet and throw in some cold water……. Problem Fixed!

Vendy Bird Švadl says:

I hard shutdown my computer And after login i seen only Black screen And after i runned scan then IT got stuck in there So i had to format PC And reinstall the OS again

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