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Wet Laptop Recovery – Is it Possible?

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I left my laptop out in the rain. Here are the steps I went through to try to resurrect it.

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Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat – Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana


ElectroCraft09 says:

dropped my lenovo yoga 11e in my pool the ram didnt even got soaked

Brave Phoenix says:

I guess the glue helped after all

Salabh S.G says:

i cant even afford to left a 200 page notebook in the rain.

the hunter says:

dell laptop does not give a shit that it is wet

AVS PC Tips says:

Coolest person on Earth…

Oilslik says:

Turns on computer: pornhub

K Siebert says:

Hey. looks like the brother if my laptop

Hershey Burgers says:

same thing happened to my dell xps 12. Im actually typing this comment out using the laptop. Works fine except for the screen which is a bit messed up now with light blotches all over the screen

Mephusto West says:

What is up with all annoying annotations?

hunter hulsey says:

"this is tech support how may I help you today" (me) um i choped my phone in half with a axe…can you fix it? (tech support) "put it in rice for 3 days"

hannes torstensson says:

For the last quite a while
Linus – 2014

SepticBatgirl says:

My mac is probably dead.

AbsolemLNG says:

One time, like a month after building my new PC, I had something similar happen. I was filling my waterbed, which involves pulling a garden hose in through the window… the window next to my new pc… yeah. Well, my poor, beautiful new PC got a full-on 4 or 5 second blast from the hose when I dropped it. God it was terrible. I did the same thing, but only for 3 days or so. I took every component out and scattered them across my dining room table with an industrial floor-drying fan. Worked fucking perfectly. I was amazed. My session didn't even end somehow.

FishStix-ish says:

I've never hear Linus so sad…

Noah Mcelwey says:

dude, Linus is pulling g the "I just got called and told my kid had cancer and my wife is leaving me" tone.

Joel Edwards says:

it actually makes sense that it survived, considering that rain water is (depending on the air quality while it was condensing/falling) distilled water, so not really electrically conductive. If you had 100% pure distilled water you could literally drown a motherboard in it and carry on working all day

Alex McHugh says:

I too have defied death. Still a great vid!

Alter says:

Correct me if i'm wrong but rain is basically a distilled water, which is non conductive, so… It can't really damage laptop that easyly. Am i missing something?

Wazzer 23 says:

Wait, something is wrong!!! It has Windows 8!!!!!!

Frits Stegmann says:

What was the writing app that was used?

Roland Anderson says:

Rainwater is less conductive than tap water, right? More pure? So better chance of surviving this kind of thing than throwing it in the sink, for example, if I understand correctly. And not a ton of moving parts with oil to contaminate anymore.

Shulker-Powered Minecraft says:

How to Fix Water Damage:
1. Open up the device.
2. Put it next to a fan for a week.
3. ???
4. Profit?

Ryan Random says:

Yeah some one is going to need to create and Linus Prof Laptop

The Ultimate Jailbreaker 1 says:

my mac comes apart

Michael Doe says:

Im not even surprised it lived, though Im not sure how dangerous shorts didnt occur. But about that bootup stage, I have noticed with my desktop, which is having RAM issues right now where the RAM would randomly stop operating only when the machine is off or in sleep. But when I put it in sleep and it fails to wake up from sleep due to this RAM issue, once I temporarily repair the RAM issue, windows would go back to where I left off, almost as if I had hibernated it rather than suspended it, so I wonder if windows at some point makes a backup of the RAM to the hard drive (or in this case SSD) and then restores it when an issue occurs while the system is in the sleep state.

Tech Skits says:

i once revived a latop that had been dropped in a sink

Zomian Drone-maica Thompson says:

I was able to get my Gopro (hero 3) working after falling into the ocean (sea water – worst case scenario) and I would highly recommend not letting electronics dry by themselves… I believe this may lead to contacts rusting. I removed the battery, disassembled it and sprayed mine with electrical contact cleaner and let it dry and happily it is working even one years later.

gmp isawesome says:

this intro got me tripped up

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