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Using a Windshield Repair Kit on a Cracked Smart Phone

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This is the kit I used from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UTQFXr
Let me know if that link stops working!!

If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments!

I have been curious to see if a windshield repair kit can fix the cracks on a cell phone. Watch with me as I try out a windshield repair kit on an iPhone 5c.

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Brian M says:

Would transferring the liquid to a small needle/ syringe (diabetes needle for example) help get it into the cracks better?

Giedrius Brūžas says:

it should have worked, but i suggest after applying plastic, place the phone in the dark for a day or so, that glue would get deep into the crack, because the glue is thick, it needs time.

King.K The Best says:

Who else thought he was just a little youtuber then saw the 1 mil.

Shaikh Shadab says:

who else is watching with cracked screen
Hit like

Wiseguy 010 says:

I'm gonna try this on a cracked Ipad Air 2, with the pressure tool that's included with the repair kit, worth to try cause it cost you only 4 dollars on aliexpress ?

Abandoned NorthJersey says:

Oh well . I guess I should just get a new phone :o( .


ass!! itson April first


bloody fuck dadaji

The Warlock says:

I always get cracks like that


Thx now my mom won't know I broke my phone

Elite Soccer says:

would it help for scratches

NeonGamerCrasher says:

I cracked my screen but I can't type some words on the keyboard any thoughts to what I should do?

Michelle In yeshua says:

great.i think the glue is to thick.

Tony says:

At least attribute your inspiration!

Sky Dog says:

I say mineral oil . . . that's what I used to polish my scratched cds with back in the day . . . Lolz

MidnightMarrow says:

I mean the glass used on phones is a bit different than that of a car window… For instance Gorilla Glass is processed much differently than basic tempered glass.

sarbasis das says:

Hey, I'm a regular viewer of your videos, great work man. Any update on the house repair project that you were working?

The Determined one 1232 says:

finally a video that is not click bait

Abraham Molina says:

what about if I have a small crack/chip would it work??? the crack is the size of a black sugar ant…

Kenny & Isaac says:

it like it was supposed to work

Desiree Ables says:

I wanted to repair it not make the cracks smooth

Frank Salman says:

What if you used blow dryer to heat liquid creating it to be thinner to go thru the crack. Do you think it would work? I know on windshield repair, it was a hack I see them do to thin out the liquid.

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