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UPDATE: How to Fix Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus (No Soldering or Bending) | appleEducate #05

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FOR EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY. Please do not try this unless you are comfortable taking apart your phone.

Full Details: http://appleeducate.com/index.php/2016/12/05/how-to-fix-touch-disease-on-the-iphone-6-plus/

I am an Apple Certified Support Professional, and Apple Certified iOS Device Repair Technician. I am an iFixit Pro, and Amazon Service Provider.

iPhone 6 Teardown
iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

iPhone Opening Tools: http://amzn.to/2cBv1I9

If you don’t feel comfortable opening your phone don’t feel bad. Check out iPad Rehab and you can mail your phone and have the chips replaced. http://mendonipadrehab.com/
This repair is at your own risk and I do not claim any responsibility for unintended damages you do to your phone. Be patient and double check everything. Helpful hint: put your screws down in the shape of your phone during the repair.

Check out my website! https://rodydavis.com
and Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RodyDavis/
Instagram: @rodydavisjr

Let me know what you want the next video to be about!


Edgar Larios says:

Thanks It really worked!´╗┐

loopooism says:

Phone is working fine for now ­čÖé Had the issue on my iPhone 6 where my touch screen would stop working intermittently especially in the cold. Cheers for the tutorial bro´╗┐

Rob Catchings says:

Just go to settings in your phone and reset (reset all settings) Do not take the chance of damaging your phone.´╗┐

Nathan Tonet says:

My phone has just started the touch disease. So in the last 24 hours maybe happened 3 times. Is it recommend doing the fix now or might it only happen now and again.´╗┐

Rufus Auntie (Janice) says:

do you have a video for beginners taking iphone apart and putting it back together´╗┐

Alchris Ramirez says:

It actually works!!!! Thanks for this video!!!! ??????´╗┐

Fernando Torres says:

[ENGLISH] Rody Davis, I would like to thank you for this video, I managed to fix my iphone, it was the first time I opened it, and with a lot of caution and 3h of handling, I followed it step by step and it returned to normal operation. I did the procedure on today, 01/23/2017, directly from Brazil. Just as a hint, I had a little more trouble putting it back, because the video only shows the disassembly and repair with the tape, but just save all the screws separately, and make the process inverted, you can carefully do the same Without damaging any part. Big hug.

[PORTUGU├ŐS] Rody Davis, eu gostaria de lhe agradecer por este v├şdeo, eu consegui consertar o meu iphone, foi a primeira vez que o abri, e com muita cautela e 3h de manuseio, segui passo a passo e ele voltou a funcionar normalmente. Fiz o procedimento na data de hoje 23/01/2017, diretamente do Brasil. Apenas como dica, tive um pouco mais de dificuldade para montar de volta, pois o v├şdeo mostra apenas a desmontagem e o reparo com a fita, mas ├ę s├│ guardar todos os parafusos separadamente, e fazer o processo invertido, com cuidado conseguir├í fazer o mesmo sem danificar nenhuma pe├ža. Grande abra├žo.´╗┐

Vackiii iii says:

How do you put the screws back in order like everything else????????´╗┐

miketong2007 says:

I fold the tape 3 times instead 6. It work like a charm. Thanks bro´╗┐

Jeremy Bryant says:

Man nice work. I did this repair back in Nov to my 6+ and it worked perfectly the first time. Haven't had a problem since.
Don't mind all these tech shops that are hating on you. Not everyone has the $$$ to pay for these things. And they are losing money to the somewhat tech swave viewers who can preform this procedure following your instructions. Not meant for all. But keep up the good work man´╗┐

Paul Landon says:

Why are you all talking trash, if you dont want to do it dont. It says in the title no solder or bending, so its obviously a hack, not a true fix. And its an Apple product, it wont last forever, if you can actually use your phone for a bit longer before it dies then power to you. why spend anymore on repairs when its already obsolete by Apple standards. Also if you have the extra cash to spend on repairing it the right way then do it, hes not telling anyone not to take it to a repair professional. If someone wants to try this, this is how they will learn for the future to either take it to a professional or buy a warranty.


Rody Davis says:

Another workaround around by +Lucas Guanes!┬á(You need a soldering iron though) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDMQQ8Y4e0E´╗┐

Bruno Pereira says:

Just leaving the comment to say that i tested and Works perfectly on a iphone 6 that i bought.
Many thanks´╗┐

QlimaxinCat says:

Hey, if I could get my hands on the Touch IC but not being able to sold or anything, would it be a better idea for me to try and replace the IC myself, without solding it on? In this country, the cheapest someone will microsold for you is over $250 while an original quality IC can be found for around $50 (facts, not joking).´╗┐

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