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Trying to fix my Brother-in-Law’s 10yr old Laptop…

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My sister said that her 10yr old laptop isn’t working and asked if I could fix it… can I? Watch and find out. But probably not.

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Joey Van Den Burg says:

It's not smart to start up a pc where you want to recover data from. First copy the harddisk and afterwards fix the machine. This is just stupid.

paradoxdesigns says:

I do this kind of work daily. Tons of people still use 10 year old machines.

Lewis corden says:

Youtube unsubscribed me from you ;(

Zack says:

Put the drive in the freezer.

George Pan says:

Used to work at a repair shop, 90% of laptop problems were worn out HDDs with bad sectors, exact behavior like this one.
First thing i did, remove the drive and attempt to repair/reallocate bad sectors with HDD Sentinel. Then attempt to image/extract data from it. Most times you could reallocate bad sectors and continue to use the drive, but we swapped it with a brand new cause it was surely going to fail again.
Hope you didn't trash the drive. It still has a chance to recover.


I still have this same laptop in dark blue. Works like a charm, even better then my newer laptop lol

InXsense says:

Always try a linux live to recover files from a damaged HD formated in windows, you will have more possibilities to try to save something.

Avtar Sandhu says:

lol i had this computer

DankPenguin 420 says:

Jayz is an idiot

Anthony McIntosh says:

Hey great video. I need some help myself. I have a lenovo laptop that keeps crashing due to ETD.SYS error. I have tried to fresh install Windows 10 via flash drive, but once the updates are finished and it restarts, it crashes again. I found a fix online to boot in safe mode then disable the touchpad service (etd.sys) from in msconfig, but safe mode won't accept my password. What should I do?

Eduardo says:

when you have 100 1080ti's and 99 8th gen i9's right behind you but just let your brother use a crappy 8 years old laptop

ThaSpoda says:

It has bofa

NaughtButMe says:

Someones shacking your sister. Ha ha!

jshowa o says:

If you absolutely have to send it somewhere. Send it to Gilware. The controller on one of my external drives fried when I dropped it. Sent it to them and they got the data off for 300 bucks.

SeaSideVertexx gameing says:

I wish I had a gaming pc,lol saw one in the backround

Robert Adrian says:

easter egg 9:329:33 ,Time remaining : about Forever minutes , items remaining : Over Nine thousand

JJC 133 says:

brother, sister, sister in law, and brother in law. make you your mind 😉

MossMan says:

Does he build computers or PC for people?

Just Comments says:

Microsoft Windows licenses for Desktop and Laptops are usually OEM licenses meaning they are for that particular hardware which came from the supplier. And if Windows stops working due to hardware failure (MB or HDD failure), the license gets invalid. For new HDD or MB, you will require new Microsoft Windows license. Am I wrong.

Michael Cook says:

Definitely not worth fixing. Pull the drive

Zane Geddes says:

It looks like the drive is only failing when it gets warm. Sometimes putting an hdd in the freezer, AND keeping the condensation off of it, will give you a few cool moments to find and retrieve data before the drive warms up, and due to any internal condensation, is generally lost forever.

tux9656 says:

Your method of data recovery was a horror show!

If you are doing a data recovery from a bad system and have no idea what's wrong, assume the drive is damaged. Never attach the drive to a bad system and power it on. Never mount the filesystem on the drive read/write. NEVER EVER EVER try to boot the OS on the drive, EVER! What you should do is attach the drive to a good system and do an image dump of the entire drive. Then you mount the image dump and attempt to extract the data from that. If the image dump is unmountable, write it to a good drive and attach that to a Windows system and use chkdsk to try to repair the filesystem to get it to a state in which you can mount it. Should chkdsk fail, use this program called recoverjpeg. recoverjpeg will scan the raw data of the image dump and look for jpeg images and will be able to recover them as long as the jpeg image files aren't fragmented.

Basicly, do an image dump of the drive and don't touch the drive again unless you are making an attempt to read certain sectors of the drive again. Do all your work off the image dump.

RAMY says:

Did you had to say "in law" with brother ??

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