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Troubleshooting a bad computer… can we fix it?

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PC Building Simulator is a LOT of fun… but is it even realistic? Today I try and fix a friends PC and compare it to what its like playing the game… is it realistic at all?

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JayzTwoCents says:

Hey guys. Two things

1. The SMART Check was disabled to get me past the error to test the SSD so that I could see if the OS would boot. They are advised to replaced the HDD. It wasn’t left “OFF”

2. The other issue that they expressed to me that I forgot to talk about was they had gotten an “over voltage warning” while POSTing once before the problems started. I don’t think the PSU is going bad, I think wires were possibly pinched causing a short but the issue never presented itself to me.

Jason Almodovar says:

Love this video was fun to watch. Ty

herobriness says:

What the hell is a computer without an optical drive

Billy Gray says:

https://discord.gg/KRp2Uhv pc master race discord

Daehawk says:

Silly users. PC users should know PCs.

Slaxbox says:

Simple problems solved: $300 income.
If only, right?

PROXIlol says:

Mr mikey used garbage youtube video tutorial build this shit pc

Jewish Person says:

More often than not it's just a lose connection, motherboard, processor, video card, and drives.

ojajebiemamo says:

What is the blower thingie at 12:40 called? It seems super useful and a good alternative to canned air and I want one.

NARUTO says:

You never should ignore smart you should have disconnected the disk not turn warning off. VERY BAD!

matt says:

why the fuck would you buy that thing tho, attaching two wires is one of the easiest fixes there is,even without tools lmao all you need is scissors

Max R says:

lol thumbnail

SwiftOverKillJr says:

14:28 Thanks for the laugh. 😀

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