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Troubleshoot Black/Blank Screen of Death (All Laptops Desktops OS)

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soul-candii says:

whenever i plug in my charger for my laptop, the screen glitches and goes black.  like it's still on, you can see that the screen isn't off even though it's black. i cant see anything faint in the background so it doesn't appear to be the brightness. if i hold down the power button to shut it off, the screen truly turns off.  if i try to turn it back on with the charger still in, it glitches again.  if i turn it back on with the charger out, it functions normally.  idk whats happening??? i dropped my laptop before this so idk if its that.  please help, i need it to do schoolwork and other things

faddddyyyy says:

Thanks a ton for making this video. I generally keep my laptop plugged in whenever I can because I read at many places that it would give the battery pack longevity as to lithium ion batteries wear out because of charge/discharge cycles. Yesterday, after working on something I shut down the laptop but forgot to unplug the battery.
Hence, when I pressed the power button today, The screen just lit up black, nothing whatsoever on it till the welcome music, indicating that I was at the welcome screen where I needed to put in the password, except that the screen was lit up and black all the time.

After watching this video, I removed all the things that were connected to my laptop via usb, unplugged it and turned it off, took the battery pack out and held the power button to run out any static power left anywhere in the system. Then, I plugged it in with the battery pack out and held the power button once again for a few seconds and voilá, I saw the Lenovo sign on the screen with a normal boot.
Once everything was loaded, I shut down the laptop once again, unplugged the laptop, put the battery pack in and then pressed the power button once again and everything is in order.
Haven't plugged it in since the battery is full but still not sure if I should always keep it plugged in or should use up the charge/discharge cycles.
Any ideas? Thanks

Gurveer Sheetak says:

guys watch my latest video please it dosent work

shadow run says:

i can see windows with my torch light on the screen.

Jon Snow says:

I have a Dell inspiron. ..screen turns blank but whenever I touch keypad or mouse it turns on and after couple of seconds it goes off again. .
basically. .it goes on and off..
please suggest something. ..plz

RandomOtakuNerd says:

HP 6530b Lock A and Lock 1 flashing, won't boot , what can i do , pls help me ?

PhsychicNinja says:

Thank you so much i wish i could hug you

Deepak Soni says:

my problem is not this my problem is when i start my pc it says press f1 key to continue but when i press f1 key my pc just hanged if anyone knows how to solve just reply my comment

utsav dahal says:

l have a hp laptop and whwn turn it on it works properly for a while then suddenly it buffers and turn into black . Can i fix it like this in this video ? please reply me please

Mike wynn says:

Hey friend thanks for the video. I have same laptop as you, but I have power go through it can't see anything please help.

Quantum Craze says:

Oh my god, oh my god, thank you thank you thank You!

Dario Wirtha says:

Mine is so weird. Got the black screen on my HP laptop and I unplugged and got my batteries out, pressed the power button for 30 sec, and tried to put it back on. It worked the first time. Now I do this trick and I get that black screen and then I leave my computer on for about three hours, then I unplug, and then turn it on and then it turns on. And I have to do this every time I turn it off.

Pratik shivach says:

Is it for dell

Landonator14 says:

thanks nice vid

Freedom Nuke says:

there is a fact if you just upgrade your windows to new version that will be cool for some reason Black screen of death encountered when a virus/malware appears that why GET A JOB GET A LIFE BUY WINDOWs 10 PACKAGE FOR FUCK SAKE

Rahul Vashisth says:

It works thanks geeks!

p schaub says:

Nice to get a video that uses clear, easy to understand instructions with some extra, helpful info to boot. Thank you!

ItzFazeTZM says:

Does it work for dell windows 7 laptop?

Marla says:

I cannot even go to the desktop it self. as in every time that i restart, it or unplug and turn it on again only black screen and the power button in the monitor blinks. As in total black screen. and the mouse and keyboard is not working also. I hope i can receive a respond. Thank you.

Cad Turt says:

can anyone help? I had an hp pavilion dv5000 and all I needed for it was a boot disk. then the screen would remain black but everything else lit up and the fan was very loud. halfway through this video it stopped getting power despite being plugged in. I tried disconnecting everything and cleaning

Alexander Kulesza says:

Thank you that was so useful?

1dev2 says:

wot about blzck screen but its just blank when repair setup its so dark but u can see VERY LITTLE then u cant do anything, NOT EVEN A PC INTRO HELP

Verrtz says:

everybody does this but it doesn't work for me

Sheepster Bro says:

i like how he looks at the camera like its a person even though we cant directly see his face.

Piano Tutorials says:

Mine turns on and starts blowing, volume bar lughts up but no screen….

yogesh banait says:

not working

Electronomed says:

hard drive? hahahaha, what have Basic Input Output System to Hard Drive? nothing. if hard drive is broken, laptop boot with "no bootable devices found", or "Non-system or disk error", you can change bootable device to USB and boot live system (eg. linux, Windows)

AmythestGirl Gamer says:

Thank you soooo much!

xMeltingPoint says:

So I tried over locking my refresh rate over the product value. It was usually 60hz but I overclocked it to 72hz then 80hz. Hen it hit 80, my laptop is still on but has a black screen. Help.

That one Psychopath says:

I don't understand this honestly. My laptop will light up but will not turn on. My laptop was completely fine and then the next time I turned it on it was only black. Please help me

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