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Troubleshoot A Laptop No Display Blank Black Screen Not Turning On – Possible Fix

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Troubleshoot A Laptop No Display Blank Black Screen Not Turning On – Possible Fix

Laptop Not Tuning On No Display Blank Screen Black Screen

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This video:

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Teemu M. says:

Windows 10 updates made our Sony Vaio E series screen black. The correct answer: Your resolution with the Intel HD graphics 3000 is set to 1920×1080, while your screen supports only 1300×768. Connect a HDMI cable to an external screen. Uninstall the driver from device manager. When microsoft default video driver is present, update driver in the right click properties from the downloaded Inter HD graphics driver folder (newest 2012). Go to the properties on the newly installed Intel device and change the resolution. Change the default screen from external digital TV to internal screen. Unplug HDMI and its fixed.

Momin Muzakir says:

assalam walikum

sairohith pasala says:

thanks bro it worked for me I checked that my ram pin was damaged I replaced it and it's working fine now

91rickstar says:

+HealMyTech I have a external monitor and my laptop woks on it but no laptop screen the pc doesn't recognise or detect the laptop screen it was working today and stoped

Ca Nadian thepride says:

Salam Aleykum MyTech from Quebec city ( I talk more french now than … sorry )

Thanks for this video first…

If you please I will share my try (and success) to solve my laptop sleep problem :

I did all the tests of your video with my MSI GX660R and I found what was the problem.
Problem is for all MSI GX660R no exception. To resume, I changed my 3 X 2 GIG ram already original to the laptop with 3 X 4 GIG RAM and I had the sleep problem. Just put out 2 of them (so just 4 GIG) than work one time , stop, go work,stop, and so

put back one 4 GIG = issue …put the gig in different slot = same issue …

Put back the 3 X 2 GIG …bingo !!…no issues … I am not a computer technician and so but now I know my motherboard or BIOS has a problem with upgraded RAM …

There is an update on web for the bios … I will maybe try it …

There is always a reason why a laptop malfunction …

Pinky Floyd says:

My HP G60 had a hard drive failure, and shortly after the screen was black with no bios flash , tried all the little tricks to get it going but know thing works ?


HELP ME OUT PLEASEEE . I changed my psu because my old one died and then it had no display until the 2nd day it showed display it said cpu change has been made f1 or f2 for options and then it worked fine but it kept flickering black a lot and then one time i left it on for about 30 minutes not using it and then i turned it off and when I turned it back on no display but the pc led was on

Mohammed Shefin says:

i fixed my laptop using the first method….but now i have to go through that daily 5 or 6 times …until the display comes….is there any permanent way to fix this….waiting for reply…. shefinscet@gmail.com

Crazy workers says:

plzzzz any one help me

Rachybear11 Xx says:

Here is my problem:
I broke my laptop screen but I could connect it to my tv using HDMI cable but not that long ago I restarted my computer and it is no longer showing up on my tv

Edit- I have not been able to enter any information into the computer as soon as it was starting to restart everything went blank

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