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Troubleshoot A Dead Pc – Computer Not Turning On Easy Fix

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Troubleshoot A Dead Pc – Computer Not Turning On Easy Fix

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00:00 – 01:36 Unnecessary waking up and coffee intro

01:37 Start of topic of the diagnosis and repair

Computer not turning on
Computer won’t turn on

Disclaimer. Any electronics or electrical repair come with associated risk of damage to self, others, and equipment. This tutorial is a guideline only for educational purpose, so do at your own risk. If in doubt consult a professional computer technician.

In this video tutorial I will show you the diagnostics tests to do when a computer won’t turn on.

You should follow a logical troubleshooting eliminating process. It starts with verifying the wall socket plug is working correctly.
Next, check the power cord coming from the wall socket into the power supply. You can do this by either using a multimeter such as the following:

Mastech Ac/Dc Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter, Ms8268, Green, Black &17.90

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Alternatively you can plug the power cord into another device to test.

For this video the last test is the power supply. This can be tested in two ways. Firstly grab a different known working power supply and install into the desktop and test for operation.

If you cannot find a different PSU, then disconnect the 20+4 pin and the 4 cpu pins from the motherboard as well as any other power cables. Use athin metal wire such as a paper clip and bend into a U shape.

With the power supply switched off and unplugged, insert one end of the pin metal into a green slot and the other end into any black slot. Do not touch the pin further, plug in the power cord into the PSU and turn the switch on, if the fan spins then the power supply is working.

Please note at this stage that this test will only confirm power coming into the PSU and not correct voltage; i.e the PSU may still be damaged and not properly power the desktop.

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MaliceVieria says:

good video ty

CrimeSlayer says:

I didnt unplug the pins, will that cause damage?

zoomgear says:

The paper clip work soooo guuuuudududuududd

LaginBro says:

stop acting like a kid…

Hyperr says:

I been trying this for like 5m but I have the power button off ??

White Dragon 94 says:

Cringe Alert

natergater10 says:

I hear a noise coming from the cords

Odd _pistachio1 says:

Jar Jar Binks at 0:06

Steven Brener says:

Really interesting!

Moinuddin Hussain says:

my CPU is not start why d hell is doing on…
pls can u tell me

Chriseon D says:

thanks i needed to know how to make coffee! 😀

Osern! says:

Thank You! Helped me alot!!

gozinto87 says:

Backward AlQuaida repairing western modern PCs. That looks funny

Bub4life says:

or you could hold down the power button for 10 seconds without it plugged into the outlet

0 9 says:

help!! when i press the on button it will just blink


My PC won't turn on when I press the power button but it randomly turns on without me doing anything and works perfectly fine.

Jeff Savron says:

I actually just pulled an extra power supply out of my ass! nice breakfast though.

Steve Nancoo says:

Great video! Quick and very informative!

alejandro portela says:

mine is ok everything seems working my cpu has power has light fan is working but does'nr display anything

Egzon Avdulli says:

Hello! My cpu does not start. when i press to start it, it is only orange light in cpu. Mouse and altoparlants are on, keyboard no!
what do you think?

Donald Duck says:

I have a lenovo desktop computer and when i connect it it makes strange noises

Cebariuss says:

Terrible fucking intro cut to the chase you have no subscribers save it for if and when i doubt it but if you get a decent amount of subs for real i came to learn how to fix a pc not watch a dumbass waste my time

LEDi D says:

my pc when i turning on make 3 times one voice like "piiip" . how to fix know anyon

Ali khan TV says:

Assalamu aliekum !
when i turn it on, my PC
No display, red bulb On and beeping why ?????
please tell me the solution
i' dont know english language properly
can you speak in Urdu ???????

SidTheGeek says:

dropped a like 🙂

aaqib khan says:

my cpu power light is on but not boot how to fix it…fan also not spinning

BamBa CS says:

my pc wasnt plugged in…. im retarded. THANK YOU!

Ferry Grand says:

Thank you for ur video… really really help me in this situation

Its Very Windy says:

so i did the paper clip test, my power supply is working so what do i do now to get my pc on again?

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