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Trash picked, i5-powered, NEVER USED DOA ASUS laptop repair

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When I spotted this ASUS in the dumpster, I figured I’d grab it to rip the CPU and display modules out of it for spares. I never actually expected it to work. let alone be suffering from such a simple fault.

It’s not uncommon for newer laptops like this to appear in the trash, but I’ve never before seen one that hasn’t suffered liquid/mechanical damage to such an extent that it’s simply not worth renovating – let alone one that never saw the unforgiving fingers of an end-user. What I think happened to this one is that it was DOA from the factory or it ceased working when the extra RAM module was installed, and it was kept around for spares while other identical machines were still being serviced during the 2-year warranty.

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Rainy says:

My MacBook Pro mid 2012 has that exact processor, only problem with it is that the onboard graphics doesn't support hdmi, but I noticed that one has hdmi and nvidia graphics so it must be a lot better.

Dark Dubbs says:

This happened to my old laptop when I got new RAM's but instead of being a twat and throw it away. I actually took the time to test things out and found out that one RAM stick was corrupt.

Dragon He says:

So did you use the laptop, or did you scrap it for parts anyway?

Cool Moo5e says:

wish people were stupid in my area, lucky if you find a soda can in the trash

LogicalMelodies says:

Intel 3XXX i5 "must be a second gen CPU"
NVIDIA Graphics sticker on the pal rest "Must just have integrated graphics"

What are you talking about?! ๐Ÿ˜

flash_man says:

I need 1 i5 leptop ๐Ÿ™ to use it at my home . Do you have 1 more to give away???

Jamokai says:

maybe stolen..

Jamokai says:

rich people : "It's not turning on!Throw it in the garbage"

The Bit-Kid says:

congrats on 7K subs

Callum Clarke says:

I used to have a K55VD. Pretty much identical only difference is it came with an i3 and windows 8

Grapez says:

hard drives are supposed to make those noises.. it even says on some drives "rattling is normal" …

PhantomFoxx1987 says:

the i5-3210 is a 3rd gen chip not a 2nd gen chip

cooperstan581 says:

YOU will be held responsible for every time YOU used the name of JESUS CHRIST as a curse word. You better look into that.

Lennon Craig says:

That was Windows 7 Home Premium and it said it right in front of you 3 different times THAT IS NOT VISTA. NOT VISTA.

Aric Dilbeck says:

I found an old Compaq laptop 2/3 yrs ago in a dumpster behind a pawnshop, it had win xp on it with a 60gb HDD and 512 MB stick. it did work, to old to really be useful to me, but it was fun to mess with.

Mitchell Starkey says:

if you hate it i will take it

fouzai alaa says:

this guy is a dickhead !!

xNeFShARkx says:

Dude, look how much crap came installed on this machine! That's the reason why, when i got my notebook i did a new clean installation of windows on it!

Dick Johnson says:

laptop repair is somewhat overvalued business – a guy would dump it than pay what they ask

Ciaran Owens says:

Hah – I bought a K55VD i5 2.6GHz back when they came out and upgraded it straight away with 16GB RAM, a 120GB SSD and I swapped the optical bay drive for a 1TB HDD. What a piece of crap it was though. The amount of part replacements it's had over the years is disgraceful, and considering the RRP, the build quality was a little lacklustre. It may have been one of the cheaper laptops I've owned but I probably wouldn't buy an ASUS again. Hindsight, I wish I got a HP EliteBook 2570p instead back then.

Ben Clarke says:

This is my exact laptop! Been going strong for 4 years with a ram upgrade!

EyedWeevil says:

lucky bastard

Nikolas March says:

lucky find ๐Ÿ˜€
OMG you removed the stickers ?????? lol

whitebeartigtig says:

That happened to my old Emachines laptop

Kyรดdai Ken says:

Asus has the least number of crapware of all manufacturers. Acer is the worst.

malicious1111 says:

I so jealous still using a shit Dell i3 with 4gb RAM…

Forzalogistics45 says:

you sound like the most wise person to fix computers ever

Simon Whittaker says:

that laptop is in better condition than mine lol

BelieveNoGod says:

So much shit preinstalled ? Arrgh.
The first thing I do when buying a brand new pc.
Uninstall all that crap.

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