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Tour of a Computer Repair Shop

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Alone at work! Time for a quick tour of what I do and where I do it. At the time of recording, we were still moving from our old location, so this place is not as organized as it should be. Enjoy!


Kyle Kenyon says:

Solid setup. Might want to rethink having the air compressor in the moldy
smelly room as the compressed air is then blown out the hose

nerdyorganist says:

Have you done a video on your server & tech machines and how you use them
in your business?

Filip Eskic says:

Amazing in one word. So many rooms with so many parts, so good.

Amandeep Monte says:

good i like

jsr450 says:

Nice Setup. I like the under storage for those tech benches that’s the best
idea I have ever seen.

WaybackTECH says:

That is a nice building. I like how you’ve organized a lot of the stuff
into bins. I wish I had the room to do something like that. Most of my
space is used for my 9 benches but I try not to have too much stuff
collecting if I can help it. One thing I might suggest, my benches are
laid out much the same as yours and I would suggest you consider putting up
some peg or slat board along the wall of the benches you have. It is
really nice to set up pegs to lay keyboards on, set shelving on, wrap
cables around and I keep cd’s on them too. I also have some hangers for
screw drivers. Those wire baskets for the slat board would probably come
in handy too over the benches.

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