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Tour of a Computer Repair Shop 12-12-15

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An updated video tour of the computer repair shop that I worked at as of December 12th 2015. I left after three years in January 2016.

My apologies for the auto focus issues. I have never used my phone camera for videos and didn’t know that this would happen.


leon johnson jr says:


Mona Sen says:

My computer is dying, cant power it on, I need computer repair in kolkata ? anyone please suggest?

Michael Ruberton says:

What a pigpen would never trust you with my computer

iVernThe says:

I'v not seen an oscilloscope, a soldering stations, a microscope, IR station and other stuff like that. Are you really the modern computer repair shop, or you offer only a block-oriented repair to your customers? May be this is your problem?… Thx

hardware20x says:

Curious if your repairs have increased throughout the years, or is has there been a decline?

RoBabi95 says:

do you own the shop?

Larry Lavallais says:

i have a shop, the problem is repair shops go overboard with overhead etc… much is not needed to run a repair shop, focus on some key essential repairs, and stay up to date with new repair items etc… mobile devices console games are really popular right now, i find most shops aren't up for change and overkill in space, my recommendation find a small store front on a visible street and make your prices affordable, this technique has helped me tremendously, best buy office depot etc are over price and not very knowledgable or social, explaining repairs in simple terms to clientele can go a very long way for your computer repair business!

Josue Trigueros says:

how long have you had this shop running for? i plan on opening up one myself soon. Any advice ?

Papani Hemanth says:

hi nice and very big shop. how do you manage the inventory of old scrap laptop parts when you need something again.

Fabiel Cabrales says:

what can a file server may be used to?

Fabiel Cabrales says:

what are the tech machines used for?

tyneweartech says:

Love it, shops like this are what I aspire to own. I loved the video just as much as the first. Why did you leave, did you sell it or just to move on?

radaplay says:

Very nice repair shop i really like it !!

Benny Hill says:

I like that place, nice store and Lab.

Ben Smith says:

hi, my name is ben and i build pcs for a lifetime, but i got an issue, i got a hp motherboard and when i plug in the psu the fans on the motherboard just spin REALLY fast and i need some advice on how to fix that

WaybackTECH says:

I have a few ? First I have been meaning to ask you, do you find working on tablets / phones to be profitable or worth the bother? Where do you get your supply of screens for those phones / tablets ? I ask because I have not been able to decide if it is worth the bother or not. I have to say too… wow.. lol I am shocked as to how much "junk" you guys have. Granted I am not the tidiest either but.. I think you actually have far more than me.

Tri-County Electronics says:

Shame your leaving such a nice place

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