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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair – Troubleshooting Steps For No Power Condition

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Follow along as we show and explain the troubleshooting steps used to repair a Toshiba Laptop that appears to be completely dead.

Product Link as seen in video: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001KV0Z5I/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001KV0Z5I&linkCode=as2&tag=gubrwetesh-20&linkId=RJTSFZH5O27NYLXM”

Purchasing Replacement Power Adapters for Your Laptop – Ask a Tech #37 : https://youtu.be/giQ-peiiMrU

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair – Troubleshooting Steps For No Power Condition

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Robert Garza says:

What is the name of the wire/part you replaced? I need to replace the same part for a Satellite L775. I followed this video and when I got to the same place I could tell the one of the black wires was broken. Is there a place you like to order from? Thanks.

Jonny Loco says:

Dude. This just confirms that I did the troubleshoot on a clients laptop power issue correct. I didn't have the extra power jack laying around, so I want right ahead and bought a new one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it solves the issue as well. If not, I'm going to have to tell my client that it better to get a new laptop cuz the cost of a new motherboard and troubleshooting further will be too costly. It would be best to get another laptop, doesn't gotta be new of course.

L. J. Bush says:

This possibly will come in helpful if I ever have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite. Thanks man.

Noel Dowds says:

Hi Steve ,,, Great PC vid again (( MORE MORE MORE )) Glad to see your well and Thanks again

C Perry says:

Great video, enjoyed watching your process for this repair. Have a great day!

James McCreadie says:

Great video, I love these kind of videos, thanks

Maldi says:

I have a Toshiba. Never ever gonna buy another one…

St S says:

Great video!! Keep making such videos….

hankus253 says:

Steve, that was fun!  Like being at work for me, all over again.

Ben Waddick says:

Nice video man, I love watching these, it's nice to see how things work inside of something we use everyday!

Larry Froehlich says:

Steve, great job explaining the process step by step…………..I just subscribed!

Dave Bell says:

Just done a similar repair to a laptop, and squeezed in a W10 update by a couple of hours!

James Cook says:

hi steve does this procedure apply to most laptops, if it's not the power cord do you have to replace the motherboard thanks great video

chrisstv1979 says:

Mine over heats then shuts down. Tried fresh thermal paste and no luck. Any ideas!

OmegaForce says:

Hello, i have a LG R410 here with same problem but when i plug the charger and press the power button a noise exits off the keyboard, its same problem or my notebook haves eletrical problems on motherborad? (Sorry about the Bad english, im from Brazil)

aquaruis99 says:

Awesome video.

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