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Toshiba Satellite Laptop Repair Fix Disassembly Tutorial | Notebook Take Apart, Remove & Install

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http://www.LaptopInventory.com – Toshiba Satellite Laptop Disassembly and Repair Fix Tutorial. Take Apart Toshiba Notebook Laptop Parts Battery, CMOS, LCD Bezels, DC Jack, Caddies and Brackets, CD DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Laptop Fan, LCD Hinges, Keyboard, LCD Flex Cable, LCD Inverter Board, LCD Screen, Memory, RAM, Motherboard System Board, Processor CPU, Laptop Screw, Wireless Antenna, Wifi Card. This tutorial is compatible with the following laptops: F501, A505, A505D, P500, P205, P200, X300, X305, L355, P300, P305, P505, L655, L600, A500, L500, P300, L655, L750, L755, L505


Rickman Tulay says:

My laptop has ants inside. Thats why i like to open and see if theres ants
colony inside of it! 

nm c says:

Dissemble this laptop is hard as hell, fck toshiba.
Thank u for the vid

lakshithagt says:

Carlos W. says:

This is why I prefer tower computers – they are much easier to open and
repair while laptops are more expensive and actually perform slower (less
bang for buck).

Aimless Matt says:

Instead of explaining what is going on, lets just play some royalty free
music over this technical “tutorial”. Words are cheap.

usernameagainahcrap says:

the only video on their website, whichever model you choose, is the
dismantling of an Acer laptop.
Absolute waste of time.

Laura Chapman says:

Thanks for making this video it is a life saver my computer fan started
shooting sparks with this video my dad was able to find what was going on
in there 

Eric Schultze says:

I’ve had mine apart before, its really not that bad. Hardest part is
getting the keyboard suround peice off without cracking it.

Ray Jayy says:

Putting it back together ARGH! Just no. Fuck laptops I’d rather sit at a
desk with a tower. . . just. Ugh. Need the world’s smallest hands to put
mine back together. It couldn’t give me a little more wiggle room? D;

ابراهيم الخالدي says:


Fred Barnard says:

Yeah , It would be nice if they wold say what hey are taking specific parts

Michael Vaglica says:

my own penis couldnt even open this

filips989 says:

I’d rather drag a PC around than open another Toshiba…

01sigh says:

just cleaned mine, thanks for the video. Some of the connectors are very
annoying to get back into place.

pineda elton says:

pls…upload tutorial video for Toshiba satelite c40d-a thanks a lot

Kao Tony says:

wow..you have to take the whole thing apart to access the heatsink..

Vix Vix says:

are you fucking kidding me

Osayi Owenaze says:

My laptop is displaying shutting down but it is not goung off

RDKells says:

This is helpful as a guide of where the screws are etc. but the process
used is that of some one who does not own or care about the item they are
working on. It’s very likely this laptop is not going to be reassembled.

Use hand tools and don’t force anything, take your time and put the screws
in order of size. (They have a size factor next to each hole like T8 and so

Abdul Baqi says:

I have a toshiba satellite a660-148 its old but can i refurbish it?

Nathan Frith says:

Power tools are not for laptop disassembly – unless you’re not planning to
reassemble it.

Christopher Sanchez says:

Honestly if you want your laptop cleaned or fixed take it to someone who
does this for a living (not this person) all it takes is one wrong move to
truly ruin your laptop. If you disassembled your laptop and it doesn’t work
that sucks to be you. 

xFlow777 says:

now put it back togather

Tagic Mrooper says:

I have a question. I cleaned my cooling system on my toshiba and accidently
mixed 3 wires that are going into processor and now my pc became very slow.
How do i know which wire is going into the right socket of processor?

Sidney Mathious says:

I enjoyed that video and I have a Satellite laptop and it is partially torn
down, but can’t get the cover off above the keyboard for some reason. I am
trying to clean the fan assembly which is covered real well in a Toshiba
computer, making it hard to clean it until the computer is torn down like
the one on this video.

TheNitron123 says:

I just watched a poor Toshiba Satellite get torn apart with a putty knife
and then screwed up by a power drill. How do I put the poor thing back
together? );

Jonathan Kabwoto says:

so nice

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