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Top 5 iPhone Repair Mistakes – How to avoid them!

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Don’t make these mistakes when repairing your iPhone!
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Bryce Bee says:

Do you use iFixit tools

Kharisma Ananda says:

Does fake/cheap components slow the phone performance?

work hard says:

Hello @Hugh Jeffreys , i have 1 question for you , i have 1 iphone 5s 16 gb and when i put the phone on charge dont charge only show me 'charged' some times charge like 30-40 % but no more . what is the problem ?

Andrew Carollo says:

Can you fix my phone

LRiv C says:

I repaired an iPhone 8 and is HARD to repair, but extremely rewarding at the end.

Dushko Manev says:

Hi friend
I am watching your videos on youtube and I appreciate your work on the phones. I want to ask you if you can help me with iphone 7 icloud locked.
Is there any way to unlock that phone?
I have watched a lot YouTube videos about this topic and there are some guys promising that if i jailbreak the phone or change the firmware with custom one it’ll be unlocked. I don’t want to change the motherboard and if there is way to unlock the phone i need to know.

Thank you for your answer and help and also for nice videos you make.

Tim Sikora says:

Is it possible to fix a jammed lockscreen button on xs max?


Please sell iPhone 6 and 5 I want to buy the phone please please please please please

Stefan Daitoiu says:

How to fix error 4014? :/

haziq says:

I sent my iPhone 5S to my local phone shop to change the battery. After getting the battery changed my phone screen started to flickring. The flickring happend only sometimes and happend after getting a phone call. Sometimes the fleckring never happen but when it happened, it is very annoying

Carlos Santos Seisdedos says:

Where does he buy all the iPhone parts?

Diamond Ranch says:

Hi Hugh, I have an iPhone 4S that is water damaged and the battery refuses to charge. It won't power on when plugged in and I have disassembled and reassembled the phone removing the corrosion near connectors. Yet still no dice (the charger does work though) Any ideas to what is the source and how i can fix it

Jesus Galeana says:

Where do you get your replacement parts for good prices or in general get them

Bryon Huff says:

Hey I have a question I have a IPhone X previously I had an iPhone 6 Plus and I have a SD card reader doesn’t seem to be recognized on iPhone X do you think this is a software issue my wife also has the new iPhone ex same thing with hers I have the old iPhone 6 and it works just fine any suggestions

Auguzcht says:

what mic do you use?

Palermini #1 says:

I don’t know how to hard reset an iPhone I need help

Winston Lee says:

Hi Hugh, this is Winston from iMyFone software. I wonder if you can test our iOS System Rcovery program and publish a video review on your channel. If you're interested in this cooperation, please send an email and tell me about the price. admin@imyfone.net

Ian Buck says:

Hi Hugh, I am going to start doing iPhone motherboard repairs here in Perth mainly as a hobby, like no back light, not charging, not turning on, no display, no touch etc…would this help you with some of your other phones that need more than parts swapping?

PizzaCookies says:

This was so helpful! Thanks so much Hugh!

tangerine BETA says:

Thanks bro!

Michael McGregor says:

Hey. Love your videos! Where do you sell your items? I'd be very interested in purchasing something you have refurbished!!

Mayravixx says:

When I repaired my iPhone 6 by replacing the screen, I put a long screw in to secure the home button bracket. It's perfect other than having a tiny hole next to the home button that's barely noticable and looks like a screen protector bubble after realizing my mistake and putting the screw where it actually belonged.

Aaron Austrie says:

Good info bro for when i need to repair my iphone se

iSam Tech says:

Ive had to guess alot where to put the screws….🤦🏻‍♂️ i should really organise my screws better

Eric L says:

I wonder after you put everything back into the iPhone but forgot to plug the battery flex cable on the logic board, then you plug in the lightning power cable to the iPhone, what will it happen? Will the power source fired the logic board or anything else?

Mister Vaulty Jr says:

Hi😃🤣 thx

Domen Valentinuzzi says:

This about battery is also important when you repair laptops

Kevin Bhasi says:

2:08 Oh ugh. I had to deal with having those, and would usually keep the plastic pry tools for when I want to take apart devices for fun and don't want to damage the nicer blue ones included with my iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, but you seem to have way more of those cheap things and seem to just toss them in a box.

In my opinion, I would avoid getting a specific part if it includes any or all of those cheap tools without a way to omit them.

I know iFixit provides a subset of their toolkits when customers choose to include tools with the purchases of their repair kits, and actually has an option to omit those tools and pay less, so I won't be surprised if that "Crazy" you shop at also provides a similar option.

Walt Disney says:

Hey Hugh I’m 12 years old and I want to be a phone engineer when I grow up. I was wondering if you could send me a broken iPhone 7 so I can get some practice. My email address is fidgeter1234@gmail.com

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