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Tools of the Computer Repair Trade

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In this video we talk about some of the tools you will need to do any kind of computer repair work.


Scarlatti2007 says:

Still trying to get up the moxy to clean out all of the cat hair in my HP

Joel Farnham says:

Please give a list of the tools including your tray and where I can get
them. I enjoy your videos. 

Matthew Davidson says:

Goof Off is great for cleaning those nasty plastics on the outside of
laptops and desktops. And never forget to bring your BRAIN to the repair!

Austin Thurmand says:

clean my fan on my lapyop and now it says that the hard drive not dected
can u help me plase

Itay Vanunu says:

ty that very helpful 

Joe Santiago says:

Thank you for the great help on repairing laptops now looking for some
video on chip repair in english

Jefferson Tunks says:

Hey man, do you think you could show how to clean the fan on a Dell L502X
laptop? I’ve been having problems recently with overheating. Thanks!

dogmaticfool says:

Thanks Brian for showing all these tools. I need to get some or those anti
marring sticks for sure. I liked and subbed! Check out my funny video: how
to turn on a vintage computer 3KISwiJcmnA

Sidney Mathious says:

I took a tip from you and get the plastic container to put my screws in so
I don’t lose them. I have to find the desktop small clamp to hold parts
though. Radio Shack was a big help since I get most of my equipment for
computers and satellite equipment there. You have helped me with working on
my laptops and I have worked on and put back together two of three of them.
The third one is still sitting apart, but will put it back together again
when I feel like working on it.

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