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Three best ways to fix a wet iPhone

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This video tells three really good ways to fix a waterlogged iPhone. I used these things to dry out my iPhone 4 and it worked!!!!!
Don’t buy a new phone until you have tried these things. It really works. I have been using my iPhone after swimming with it in my pocket. It’s been working without any flaws for two months now. Watch the video and find out how it was done. All for less than 10.00 dollars at your local hardware store.


Tynisha Drayton says:

My phone drop into water today I’ll try the rice

Cheddar Cheese says:

I'm so late… But i've benn over thinking so much. I left my phone outside of our house and it was raining that time. I forgot that i left it out. Did my phone got water damage? I tried to test the camera, speaker, volume and it still works but it's kind of lagging and the motion is quite delayed. Hoping for a reply.

Dey Foe says:

Dumb ass video

Anonemesis says:

This guy doesn't even have a iPhone it's a piece of paper

Rjgamer 1010 says:

My iPhone fall on our kitchen for a seconds and I immediately get it and the screen kinda did something then I immediately power offed it so what will I do??

Holly Broderick says:

I know this is years later but I dropped my iPhone se in the toilet and its in rice atm, I need to try the damprid and vacuum technique but I am confused because in the video he said about not plugging the vacuum into power at 3:58 but then how is it supposed to suck? lol help someoneeeee

Jkkk King says:

I got one of them led flashlight and face it to the bottom of the charging port for hours and then put it on the emergency mode and keep it in that fast off and on emergency mode for awhile then back to the normal mode and it turned on. Make sure you have a pack of batteries and hopefully it works

Art in Heaven says:

This is bullshit. Not so much a you tube video as a cunt tube video. If I'm not making myself clear, what I'm saying is that this guy is a lying cunt! THIS WILL NOT WORK!

Sam Sonic says:

Never ever try to plug it in until you leave it in bag of rice for at least 2 days

Gorgeousnee says:

thank you so much im stilltrying to see

Santania says:

I lost all my hoes nudes 🙁 oh well atleast my iphone works

auditech7038 says:

Don’t use rice
Caution strong language from this Apple repair specialist


M.V & Family says:

I ruined my iphone


Tina&mikey Lj says:

Question I did the blow dryer thing is it ruined now? Because before that I could see lines in the phone now I can’t see anything it’s completely black but I did put the blow dryer on the cold setting which is still a little bit hot! 😞 I just want it to work

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