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This is how Apple repairs broken iPhone screens

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Broken iPhone screens have always been a nightmare for their owners. Now Apple has finally shown off the process by which they repair the phones. The process involves a special device called Horizon Machine, which Apple is finally making available to third party service centers.

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blower says:

Then they bend you over and a mechanical finger touches you in multiple places.

Emilio Gaming says:

"But the machine doesn't do much of the work"

you dont say.

mychemicaljulia says:

it’s either i go to a really sketchy mall to fix my screen for $100 and then somehow my phone is worse than before or i pay way more to go to apple and have to wait 2 weeks to see my phone…

Sasuke Uchiha says:


Xx Fuze Xtra xX says:

How do you remove the old and broken screen protector

ronch550 says:

I've dropped several Android phones on hard floors many times. Not one had a cracked screen. Not one had a silicone case. All were inexpensive models, like $160-$250. It's phone meets floor up from 3-4 feet.

ronch550 says:

How long before this machine is cloned?

kakashi copier of 1000 techniques says:

I thought it was saying about a real apple

One Deafulty Boye says:

This isn't a problem with Android lmao. We have protection glass.

Flaming Fire says:

What about Samsung?

I'm just SAMEER says:

Jerryrigeverything's method is much easier to do
Just so,e heat and some tools and bam

official onlypuppy7 says:

Get a screen protector

besties power of seven says:

Sometimes they don't…. They replace the phone….

Oscar's Lego says:

Then they scharge you way too much money

SpeedyNF_GAMING says:

Apple sucks

Hulises Avila EntertainmentZ says:

Question: when Apple fixes the screen, does it reset the iPhone. Like do you need to back it up so you can set it up again?

Apple FanGirl says:

I thought Apple replaced a broken iPhone to a new iPhone

Nirvanas Aesthetic says:

Can you android users stfu why are you even here? to bash iPhone users smh my friend is an Android user and her screen was shattered so it doesn’t matter 😑

Andrew Schmidt says:

if you drop an iphone 1 foot off of the ground, the screen shatters, but if you drop a Nokia from the top of the empire state building, a small speck of paint will be missing, as well as a chunk of the road

Bloody Nice says:

,,Every IPhone users nightmare : a broken screen " so only IPhone's screens can be broken ? Nice i have a samsung 😁

Technosaber says:

I thought the hit the phone with a hammer.

S.L.A.Mihajlo Milanovic says:

Every iPhone user nightmare

Phone get outdated after 1 year

Avyaneesh Rai says:

In Singapore they don’t use such machines and fix the screens quickly

Under Master says:

How can you fix your Android Screen when it's cracked:

Get a tempered glass when it's cracked. It's cheap.

Matthew Plays says:

It’s easier to do it yourself

#NyanCatGaming Rainbow says:

My worst nightmare is having a broken phone.

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