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THERMAL THROTTLING! – How to fix an Overheating Laptop

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I noticed my laptop was getting a little slow lately, and futher investigation revealed that the CPU temperatures were going through the roof to the point that it was thermal throttling and reducing performance significantly.

In this video I’ll show you how to fix it in jsut about any laptop computer.

Products used:

Stanley PrecisionScrewdriver Set: https://amzn.to/2I9Icx8
Q-Tips: https://amzn.to/2rxCq1y
Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound: https://amzn.to/2I9Ii7Y
Arcticlean Thermal Surface Cleaner & Preparer: https://amzn.to/2Ialg10


Mandeep Singh says:

My core i5 is throttling to 700mhz
I have tried all techniques and repasted 4 times and still hit 100 degrees and my gpu is hitting 90 degrees but it is not throttling and i am completely clueless someone please please help me

dani bilel says:

i've already changed the thermal paste on my laptop and i see no improvements in the laptop's temperatures !
is it because of the bad paste or is gaming always going to overheat my laptop ?

Purelite69 says:

The copper heat sink has formed a patina (discoloration) as a result of oxidization. Can easily be removed. In terms of using the Arcticlean, you will receive the best results if you apply a couple of drops and allow it to soak in for 30 seconds. It will dissolve the TIM (Thermal Interface Material) and make it considerably easier to remove.

Jeroen K. says:

A non-conductive thermal paste lol, how do you expect the heat to be transferred if you put a non conductive layer between the chip and the heat sink?

Sinister Blade says:

What software were you using to monitor your temperature? @Boosted Media

Wolfrick The Designer says:

that thermal paste apply though rig builders where u at??

just CAT? says:

mine was 60% throtteling

Kay Simon Jr. says:

Why my laptop always throttling when I checked the stress GPU and Cpu test but if i only stress Cpu its never throttle ????

TomZeBomb says:

I just ordered a laptop online and it should be coming within the next week or so. Heard it has thermal issues and gets a little hot, so just for good measure, im going to put Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 on it. Should be good 2 go then!

vivalaquincebrigada says:

My Sony Vaio was running very hot and shutting down completely when viewing films on YouTube. I downloaded AIDA64 software. This confirmed it was running very hot. When I ran a stress test using AIDA64, it shut down only 2 seconds. This is what I did:
1. After powering down, removing battery and discharging (by holding down power switch for 20 sec).
2. Removed base panel over the fan. I used a footpump (hand pressure) to build up air pressure in tube with finger over the end, then quickly removing finger to send a powerful jet of air through the extraction vents of the laptop. Sometimes this spun the fan around. Repeated many times changing position of the pump nozzle and sending blasts of air through the vents. This dislodged some dust, lint which cam flying out through the cavity occupied by the laptop fan. Some was removed from the fan space using tweezers.
3. Then I used a vacuum cleaner (with narrow nozzle) placed on the air extraction vents outside the laptop. Starting with minimum suction, I moved the nozzle back and forth along each extraction vent. This made the laptop fan spin very fast and certainly helped to clean both the fan and vents of dust and lint that had built up.
4. I finished by carefully placing the vacuum nozzle over the fan compartment itself, hoping to remove any remaining dust within the cavity. I gradually increased suction power from low to medium in each area.
5. I replaced base panel, battery and powered up.
The laptop has since operated perfectly, with no overheating. This was confirmed by the AIDA64 stress test. It showed temperature to be stable and moderate. I was able to view the film I had been watching previously without the laptop shutting down due to overheating. This method avoided risk of damaging the fan, microchips etc. since they were all left in their original position. However, be very careful where you point the vacuum nozzle within the computer and keep any screws you have removed in a safe place!

Jay Vaghasiya says:

My red line (cpu throttling) went to 100% and my laptop shut down, what do? To reduce throttling?

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