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The Ultimate iPad Fix Kit!

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iFixit’s iPad Fix Kit has all the parts and tools you need to bring your dead iPad back to life. First, disassemble the iPad with our original invention, the iOpener. Then, swap out the part that is broken with our tested and guaranteed iPad replacement part. Finally, reassemble your iPad using the included tools and replacement adhesive—and your iPad will be back in action! The tools in this kit are designed specifically for the iPad, but will work with all tablets, smartphones, or other electronics needing heat application in the disassembly process.

In addition to your replacement part, your Fix Kit includes includes:

Opening Tool
Opening Picks (Set of 6)
Plastic Cards
Battery Blocker
Suction Handle
iFixit Precision Bit Driver
Phillips #00 Bit
SIM Eject Bit

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Piipperi800 says:

Ahould i get this for my ipod?

kieran cherrington says:

Even my air 2 which nobody other than apple wants to touch.. Apple for £250 for a new battery…

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