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The reason small tech stores and PC repair shops are failing

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The reason small tech stores and PC repair shops are failing

I know so many failing computer stores, and see the market being flooded by people who are technically proficient. Small town computer stores are closing up and its getting harder and harder to be a part of the industry.

The profit margin on tech things is next to nothing thanks to the advent of Amazon, and big box tech stores. Simplification of this kind of stuff makes it harder too.


Justin Harris says:

I have 3 dream career jobs Computer Repair, Computer Networking and Web Development

Justin Harris says:

I'm also thinking about being a Computer Network Technician

Justin Harris says:

I have took Computer Repair classes and have the knowledge to perform PC and Laptop repairs so Yes I'm still going to make my dreams a reality by being a Computer Repair Technician and also a Freelance Web Developer

Justin Harris says:

I'm still going to be Computer Repair Technician and Repair PC's and Laptops and also I'm going to be a Freelance Web Developer.

timmy 900 says:

Good video I’m in a computer repair class and your right I go to high school and vocational school

Dan Upfold says:

Starting on DOS machines in 1992 so I'm qualified to say this. Through 2005-2012 the benchmark I have seen (NY,TX,SC,FL) in 'mom and pop' stores I've worked in, as well as 'Geek Squad, UbreakIfix and retail' the ceiling was 10k per month per technician. Working as a 1099 with paychecks in the $750-1200 weekly is what keeps a technician with you. However the lack of advertising, reluctance to move into mobile (smartphones, tablets) repairs by owners has caused companies (mom and pop stores) to close. It is frustrating as a 'technician' to watch my owners not advertise for new customers, to not go out and secure contacts to support 'big' companies (law offices, hospitals etc) for residual income, to not offer web page design- to not offer security camera installations- things to open up income streams really stinks. I've been forced to run home based now in FL. and that stinks too.But I will become a brick and mortar storefront projected in 45 more days Customer service on all levels – micro soldering, game console repairs, mobile device repairs, corporate and business PC and server support and residential customers (whom in my opinion are the best demographic). Good luck to you all though.

weekendpartier says:

Jackwads! The number one reason why IT/Tech Support small stores died in America: China. Everything is made in China. You simply can't keep up. Second, we're a disposable society. We get a new phone every 18 months. We throw out our old pcs and buy a new one at Best Buy for $250.00…

FreiNrg says:

Anyone can do plug-and-play computer repair with a screwdriver and a working brain. Repairing computers at the component level requires a little more than plug-and-play. You need at least a soldering station and solder, replacement components, donor boards, and a half-way decent (+$40) multi-meter, and a basic understanding of how to obtains the components and donor boards, and how to solder. NOT everyone can do this kind of repair, or considers it worth their time, energy, and money to purchase the necessary items, when they can get a business to do it for them.
If those stores you know are failing, then they haven't adapted. Adapt or die.

Bradley Finch says:

Wow you couldn't be more wrong. I own my own store in Southern California and it's doing about 5k a month.

Troy Kite says:

I think you are way off here… there are several computers stores in my town alone that are doing just fine. Computers are not going to replace truck drivers nor are they going to replace the need for computer repair people.

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