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The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones

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Using her background in molecular genetics, Jessa has pioneered a new form of board-level iPhone repair.

She’s teaching the world to fix devices that no one, not even Apple, thought it was possible to fix.

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Saad Kamran says:

where is your company I also want to learn

Ad Hoc says:

Bad ass. Pretty stoked to see this is being spearheaded by women. Most people don't actually realise that a majority of micro-electronics work is performed by women in factories. And just so happy to see the Right to Repair movement building. In all honesty even when you do want to repair any of your electronics (as I always do), it's almost impossible to find anyone who will agree to do it or knows how. I'm incredibly tired of big Brand’s strong arming the repair industry. Kind of incredible it's taken this long to fight back. Looking forward to this becoming a huge source of new jobs around the world

carlos calderon says:

That's fucking awesome

MajorMichaelK says:

No ESD precautions taken, a main reason why you shouldn't get devices repaired

el_rubn8r 1000 says:

awesome fricken awesome

Arkanservative says:

do I have a right to discard it? God damn right I do.

Robert estrada says:

this is great wish i could learn to do this

ryccoh says:

Wish she could fix my GPU 🙁

Toeknee Toe says:

She's a hero for the Planet.

bskdopeboy says:

1:46 Apple knows how to fix their own wank devices, but 'fuck you; buy another' comes into play before they do.

Andre C says:

Do we really have the right to discard a phone that we pay for? Fuck yea!!!!

Torres75 says:

"Do you really have the right to discard something (that you paid for) a year later?!?".

Yes, bitch we do have the right. Her phrasing is poor and I can tell her communication skills are shit or else she would be telling people how doing things her way would help THEM. You aren't going to guilt people into changing anything about themselves, certainly not by exclaiming how they don't have the "right".

painted wall says:

this is wonderful glad that theres people that devoted to fixing old use phones

TheCireMC says:

As an engineer I'd like to take a training class with your company, looks fun!

Android says:

Who else thought of Louis Rossmann?

nfin8one says:

I work in semi-conductor industry. I deal with sub-40 mircrons. Toots to you!

Jason Overstreet says:

My Android Samsung note 3 lasted me 5 years before the antenna went out. Now I have a Note 5. I guess this doesnt apply to me. See you in 2022!

Rain Waters says:

I'm not a "please bro" tech and have despised such as dingleberries. This can be taken to an appropriate level when money tightens up a bit soon. I repair to component level and have done so since 1976. I just need to get my toe in the micro-door so any help would be appreciated.

Rain Waters says:

whats the deal on schematic availability?

Rain Waters says:

This video just changed my life. What magnification range do I order for the microscope?

Anthony Rock says:

I guess your types don't care about the people working in the landfill business, or the people who study the effects of pollution in the oceans and skies. People are busy watching game shows and whatnot. We don't have time to get things fixed. It is easier to "throw it away and forget about it."

If God didn't want us to throw things away, He wouldn't have created the Oceans for all of our trash! The oceans clean the trash and then it just floats away, so we don't have to think about it anymore! Get with the Program, please!

Robbi Robson says:

I stopped doing this repairs after 15 years in the industry and changed my business. Now i am making 4 times more money without much headache. Never look back.

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