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The Fix – Type faster on your smartphone

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Take your typing to the next level with some insider tips about smartphone keyboard enhancements.


Irun Mon says:

Swiftkey is the worst, I always wander why is it so popular??

GTS300Coupe says:

lol poverty iphone users can’t even use custom keyboards

taylor1038 says:

This is why I hate my iPhone :(

TheCobruhAlienat0r says:

Swiftkey isn’t free, at least it wasn’t when I got it.

Stargrrl .Seven says:

For a small phone, swift stinks. Takes up the whole screen

Guy Vandenbrink says:
David Halifax says:

I like my Samsung keyboard with the number keys along the top.

karl castillo says:

you can see porn site @ 4:20 kappa

Ralph Miranda says:

I’ve tried all those and prefer Kii. Google’s *Android L* keyboard (which
can be found in APK form if you look hard enough) is really good as well as
SwiftKey. If it weren’t for Kii I’d probably still be using SwiftKey.

I paid for Swype and used it for less than a day. There’s no way to use
Google’s voice recognition over their own and it doesn’t respect the User
Dictionary, insisting on building up a new database of your regularly used
words. Kii and SwiftKey respect and utilize the User Dictionary and can
readily use Google voice recognition which is better than Nuance’s.

mahmoud owedah says:

You forgot to mention one , the touchpal x keyboard , it have the best
predictive text and swiping is just so accurate and it also can predict
sentences , u can resize it as u want and it’s free , the best keyboard
I’ve ever used c:

RAT BURL says:

Giggle will track you to no end.

Michael Hao says:

Hey apple gonna let third party keyboards on ios 8
So I think most of it might works on the iphone

DerpTroll says:


89leviathan says:

swift key, love it!

Kulvir Singh Bhatti says:

I would recommended swift key dam good replacement for the keyboard its
also available on apple ios store

Mohammed Adel says:

2-Google keyboard

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