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The Fix – Turn your smartphone into a handheld gaming console

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Level up your gameplay with accessories that turn your smartphone into a handheld gaming console, giving you more control over your game.


Airik says:

Would be great if it weren’t for the fact that mobile games are complete

Rishit Kotian says:

Great won’t the moga charge the device? Will it work only on NFC devices?
Will it work with the Galaxy Nexus?

MisterTenacious D says:

Sharon, 1. Why are you YELLING? 2. Admit it, you don’t care about video

doubletapproductions says:

I would get that for GTA SA alone! :D

Prence says:

Would like to see the Logitech controller fit the iPad mini or iPad air. 

dennis bonilla says:

Or u can just buy the xperia play

SmoothyBlueCinque says:

2:12 what game is that?

AppleTech3345 says:

Will the Logitech work for the iPhone 5C??

Nathan Lopez says:

Or you can use this controllers for all app from cydia (you need jaikbreak)
to play your games with a ps3 controller on your iOS device

Screenfreak Productions says:

Will this work with GBA emulators?

Gerard Ferrer says:

I want to buy u so hot hahaha

MrPieguy75 says:

and if it is more expensive than your phone and the controller it is still
a better value

KDUBHipHop says:

I’d smash

MrPieguy75 says:

you could buy a vita for cheaper

MrPivotmaster98 says:

That’s cool but I have yet to see one for tablets. 

James Muldowney says:

No thank you, I would rather have a nvidia shield

DZA says:

phonejoys better

Allex Radu says:

If you use this in public you become instantly a mind reader, because
everyone will think “What a nerd! Ha Ha..”

Chris Walker says:

Man i should have patented this three years ago when i started drawing
designs for this SOOOOOO SAAAAAAD 

reyzuna says:

looks cool.. but not going to play it outside.. the downside is if a Thief
sees you, XD 

Dan Paunas says:
kEN hOU says:

No thanks I’ll get the ps Vita

AleksOslen16 says:

Just buy nvidia shield

fickmeindreamcacao says:

am i the only one who gets nothing for youtube search results??

Sanath P says:

…damn i came up with this myself! 🙁 i thought no one else had thought of

Link The Love says:

Sharon is a qt patootie 3.14

Miles Trevonne says:

The Moga Pro Power Is definitely worth the xtra 20 bucks imo, the hero felt
really weird 

Sonu03785 says:

My nvidia SHIELD rules ALL!

Joseph Zhang says:

And if your phone rings? Or when you need to reply messages? 

Jordan Walker says:

I really hope she like black man

Max Smith says:

For the mega can you adjust the holder to the size of your phone?

besweeeet2 says:

I’d prefer MOGA’s iPhone controller. Not integrated like Logitech’s, but
has more and better controls. 

shadowghost324 says:

was that a nexus 5?

revakna says:

Lol if you own a wii, take the wiimote and use it as controller, pair the
wi with your phone and use it, and games on the App Store suck! Get some
emulators on your phone

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