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The Fix – Trick yourself into working out by using your smartphone

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If you hate exercise but love games, Donald Bell showcases a few apps that can help improve your health step-by-step.


Justin Lang says:

I love this guy :)

Ali Syr says:



Try downloading Ingress! It’s addictive and it’s also for walking and

Gehrig Harris says:

8th comment, pre-301.

Remy Basi says:

Omfg are people really that fat and lazy that they have to trick themselves
into working out? Good lord LOL

Luis Del Rivero says:

Or leave an unappealing full-body selfie or yourself as your wallpaper.

zuellni's gameplay says:


God Exists says:

life is becoming weird with these things. you need an app to walk ?

Canucks155 says:

Really. You need to trick yourself to work out. Come on now…

GarciaGaming says:

Who wears jeans when running lol.

Akallz says:

Fat lazy people

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