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The Fix – Top tips for traveling with your smartphone

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In this episode of The Fix, we maximize the benefits of traveling with a smartphone. Imagine going to a restaurant overseas not knowing the language but being able to read anything on the menu with your smartphone. Or being able to chat and text with your friends and family for free. Plus, we have a do-it-yourself project that’ll keep all your tech accessories in one place.


Daedalus says:

Or you could just put everything in the pouch and call it a day.

Norman Fong says:

Hey CNET, What about Windows phone and Blackbery?

ahmed mido says:

by da way, da organizer idea is sooo UN-useful !!!

iDroid7 says:

I miss always on and molly wood so bad. :(((

rabar rizgar says:

You could use Google translate offline you just need to download the
language packages for free. 

Wilson Guzmán says:

How about Facebook Messenger? Free calls and messages to your Facebook

FastLikeUNO says:

This is seriously my 2nd favorite CNET show off all time, 1st will always
be Always On, and 3rd is Cnet on Cars.

ThePurpleMaestro says:

i love when she says “hot”

PK_Haseo says:

Google wins and android wins

jakel788 says:

If you want to save the translation screenshot it don’t nitpick 

Fred El-Najjar says:

nice work sharon! your smart and good looking.

Kacper Kuc says:

Soo how do you tell the waiter watchu want once you find out lmao

ahmed mido says:

hey donald, you forgot about da BBM p j one calls that works pretty neatly
and i often use it at a regular basis !!

Ankur Kini says:

i always wanted a job that involves travelling countries for free :D

justin gafoor says:

google translate this ” dankie vir alles wat jy vir die internet doen”

RoxBurry says:


KAKAOTALK & Naver LINE= YES! ALWAYS. If your smart, you will use these apps

Zoran Milosavljevic says:

How about a ziplock bag for organizing your adaptors and chargers, cheap
and easy!

Corey Brown says:

Im so organized with my stuff i don’t even need one of those, everything
has its own specific place in each one of my bags! OCD

Giannis Panagiotidis says:

I am greek and I can understand the menu without the app woooohoooo

Silas Reel says:

3:28, second line.

Roasted at nursery!

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

Lovely girl, she’s such a professional.

AlphaAngel Games says:


Sylvain Ménard says:

Pseudo French in the menu. Must have been translated by Google translation
or something similar!

Ali Kazi says:

Just take a screen shot? 

Masud Rintu says:

u call that organizer? i call that messy!

Jeremy Spira says:

Bbm does the same thing with voice and video for free across platforms…

Martti Tõldsepp says:

Google Translate can be used offline if the language is pinned at: Google
Translate -> menu -> manage offline languages -> pin and download the
language you want.

Nick Hardwick says:

Google Translate. How I do my Spanish homework.

Eric Enright says:

Screenshot will save it to your picks

Royes Sharif says:

what about Tango you can even send music and play games

1javixD says:

Err to txt or call just use iMessage for free with wifi or internet data
plan connection 

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