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The Fix – Shoot better video with your smartphone

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With the right technique, you can get great-looking video from your smartphone. We show you some simple tips including lighting, audio, and add-on accessories.


future1997 says:

not everyone is a iphone fan CNET, you should make a video similar, but
with an android or windows phone


or get a NOKIA LUMIA 1020 HAHAH

Tango Kid says:

Could you guys do a video more about making Youtube videos.

Malcolm Woodbury says:

sigh this old tips are for parents or people who just got a smartphone

Renardo Riley says:

i hate when u guys take side i hate iphone 

AsianImage says:

I guess she is married..first thing I noticed was her name change. Congrats
to her and sad for all her fanboys me included.

Karan Chaphekar says:

Felt sad about old man have to lay on street for money 

PK_Haseo says:

I gotta say this, All smartphone Mic quality sucks when recording audio or
video, I’ll use a real microphone with a adapter (not a earpiece mic
headphone type) connected to the headphone (with split end for your audio
output for 3.5mm) an the audio quality turns out much more cleaner an less
or no background noise at all.

A good mic really brings great or awesome quality to any audio recording,
you could go extreme with mic’s, adapters, mic power supply (most expensive
mic need a lot of power) and or a mixer…or buy a $30-$50 microphone which
still very good quality an some that cost less then $20 are ok’esh.

Dayton Sander says:

Holy crap my name was actually said. Cool xD 

digital200 says:

Congrats on your marriage. I remember when Google+ was new and you helped
me personally understand how it worked. Glad to see you’re still making
videos too

JDubbs07 says:

Did Shanon get married? Noticed the last name change. If so, congrats!

VarietyProductions says:

I want a phone microphone that looks better than that Y shape thing. Like a
real one.

hassan niaz says:


yabd says:

Get a samsung galaxy note 3 and that’s all you need. 

Turtle4games says:


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