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The Fix – Optimize your smartphone

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CNET’s new how-to and DIY show, The Fix, kicks off with useful advice on squeezing your smartphone’s browser speed and battery life for all they’re worth.


TheArfdog says:

That’s Android for you…. using battery life in the background whether
you’re using the feature or not. Do yourself a favor and switch to iOS
which actually runs only what you need. Without having to set 15 things to
the “low” setting. How many ways do you need GPS to work??? Just find my
location only when i’m actually USING A GPS APP…. what a novel idea.

Dylan Nunez Bonilla says:

get rid of bell

Quinten Kidwell says:

6:04 wine condoms? 

joe scar says:

isnt it good to make them go dead all the way and then charge it fully

godfatherNYC says:

I don’t understand how the black guy has a working iPhone 5S? I thought
that if you stole an iPhone they could shut it off remotely?

calum mcdonald says:

wine condoms?

jeppe werring says:

It took 2 seconds to get into giantbomb on my iphone 5 with my network

TheOfficialPrax says:

Wine condoms was in the chrome history.

Swede says:

Goodness my g2 would of smoked them with the stock browser on a WiFi and
even them having LTE.

Evan Ahmed says:

Wine condoms?

Zaya Adam says:

Umm, Your telling us how to save battery life? You only got 7% Lol

aamir joad says:

Do a fix video on how to root any android device. The easiest way

Victor S. says:

Fun video, and coool way to make living.

Philson says:

iOS is not the best platform for browser tests?
Apple restricts the rendering engine for 3rd parties…

Ben Whittaker says:

This is test is highly unfair. Apple allows applications to still run in
the background.

David Cohen says:

6:04 Wine condoms?

X Rellix says:

Not a valid test, iOS forces everyone to use the safari rendering engine.
But still Chrome won yay!

Lo Angus says:

Opera Mini is most likely in the Opera Turbo mode, which compresses data
using Opera’s servers. It may be not as fast, but it saves a lot of data.
Puffin browser is the fastest browser I have ever tried before.

Кирилл Иванов says:

Using five asses LOL))

Roxidius says:

why r we watching their failed attempts too? there is something called
video editing.

Nero Maestro says:

Firefox and, IE?

Grman Rodriguez says:

why do they act as if they had comercials in between?

ctreziak says:

Is this the new Always On?

FastLikeUNO says:

Given that Opera was never really a reliable browser to begin with whether
on a console or smartphone, it still sucks.

Himash Marcar says:

Guys check out 6:06 on sharon’s iphone – Lol Wine Condoms – Seriously 

QuiteNot says:

Yeh this was a terrible browser speed test, using the same hot spot…opera
mini in compressing mode instead of just plain opera, you guys need to do
more research before testing.
But the battery saving tips looked good. ; )

IcyDragon68 says:

What 4g?! it’s clear that you’re using Wi-fi in airplane mode. Why did you
lie to us?!

Ernesto Rodriguez says:

People still buy iphones? Wow.

Katsu Hisakawa says:

Wine condoms? :D

Harshit Passi says:

Why did you use Opera Mini? It sends each page up to Opera’s servers,
compresses it, and serves up the compressed page to save on data. Opera
Mobile, on the other hand, is a conventional browser like Chrome and

Adelwyn Holder says:

Great show. Do enjoy the team’s chemistry. Keep up the great work guys.

Philip Bell says:
juanho says:

I don’t get who is the target for this….

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