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The Fix – How your smartphone camera works

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Do more megapixels mean better photos? Not necessarily. Eric Franklin reviews what you need to know to determine your camera’s image quality.


ck2gaming says:

@CarlosFlores yep nur the 925 is a good peeformer as whell

Carlos Flores says:

Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best by far!

Stark_aa says:

thank you, good video!

Bryan Lo says:

Great of you guys to point this stuff out. Megapixel counts do indeed dominate the conversations.

Julie Larivière says:

Very useful! I learned a lot! 😉

Vaughn Felix says:

yeah no wonder my iPhone 5S takes awesome pics at only 8mp!!!

Jeremy Why says:

Jeremy thanks you.

You're welcome.

MrRicearonie says:

"To the quality of the LED flash…" Shows Nokia 1020 with a xenon flash.

Innov1994 says:

Iphone 6 in 4k recording…. jk

Entertainment HD says:

Very Useful .. We need more videos like this one, short with full of good information

Puru Khilari says:

Lumia 1020 is the clear winner here in hardware no doubt.But but but Iphone 5s wins here because of image processing Sometimes

nathan drake says:

Useless vid


i think nowadays, people already know how to take photos or how their phone camera work. Therefore, these videos seem like Deja vus.

Asen Georgiev says:

You cant actually see the sensor through the lens, so what you said in the beggining is bullshit.

lisa jensen says:

1st comment

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