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The Fix – Get more storage space on your smartphone

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Quick and easy tips on how to free up space on your smartphone so you’ll have room for all your favorite apps, photos and videos.


Oscar Soto says:

Seriously. Please. Help us.

Oscar Soto says:

Why do people like this video?? WTF!? LOL

snowball 18 says:

I have the Sims Freeplay and I have no more space for the additional content

Android chowmean says:

And how is this suppose to help?! Even 2 year old kids are smarter than this video about technology these days.

firing gamer says:

I have 2 apps and my phone has no storage

LissaLeeann_ says:

Video starts At 2:35 ,thank me later😘

xXxBriannaa xXx says:

I have no apps on my phone installed

Balamurugan Shanmugam says:

Friday 19 .9.2017

Balamurugan Shanmugam says:

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Vikram A says:

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TechLife says:

Use Google Photos to backup and remove photos and videos

Softshell Turtles says:

I have no games, no music, nothing installed, I've deleted all images that I don't want, and I've deleted extra files and cache, but I still can't install the goddamn sims freeplay

Gaming DemonYT says:

wtf why I hate is google play services it has 100+MB and google apps why they need to be 100+mb🤔🤔🤔

Chitown ShaSha says:

I literally have 5 apps and a 16 gig sd card but no space! You didn't give me any useful advice. I want my 2:35 back!

Rafael Avitia says:

Awsome. Thank you. This is my first smartphone.

Hanmeji Saida says:

I also have to games and there is no room

Carlyn Palec says:

it is applicable for my samsung galaxy prime please reply ASAP cause my galary cannot open no space & my 32 gb new memory card i dont know what happen its currapted! please anyone help me! thanks

Breezetix says:

Ok thanks, ill delete CNET, because it has 5 gb and this guy isnt helping.

Oldbonniegamer says:

Mabye you should watch how to delete your youtube channel

Zeref Uchiha says:

I did it but……..I hardly got any space left

María Guzmán says:

No do that cuase if you get rid of oneyou can't downlaods gane so

Every Spm Songs says:

I Have An Lg k7 And I Only Have 3 apps And All My Photos And Videos Are On My Sd Card And I Still Have Full Storage

desteny roblox:dreamergirl1000 says:

i have no games and its still telling me thers no space 😡

Lance Rivera says:

The f*ck .. we all know that😒..

Digital Puzzle says:



Omar Mohamed says:

Who is watching this video in 2017

Ionut Nicolae says:

I have 4 games and 2 GB free (i have 5 GB total) 😀

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