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The Fix – Get more out of your smartphone

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Want to type faster, get tasks done, and increase storage on your smartphone? This week’s episode of The Fix is loaded with tips that will help make your handheld device work better for you.


DaemoniumCC says:

Fleksy is good, but I would suggest Minuum. Really awesome keyboard for

Django Groen says:

why only siri? maybe something with google now and tasker???
i hate the google keyboard , swiftkey works the best for me ­čśë
i use dropbox because i have 50GB :D´╗┐

HABWIT says:

Siri is the best!´╗┐

Vladimir Wheeler says:
crociati17 says:

Lol, swiftkey has all the options that the others have´╗┐

Brian Aguilera says:

Love these videos!!! Keep it up.´╗┐

Andrew Larsen says:

Sharon Profis? Did she get married?´╗┐

RyanKG says:


Rashid Alkuwari says:

By the way Rav FileHub can work on iOS and it’s really a great device and
you can connect it to another apps like file explorer app on the iOS or ES
file explorer on Android it’s way easier to manage your files with those
apps than the official app ´╗┐

Vader...You Seek Vader! says:

Her neck is too big´╗┐

Don Don Dy S says:

Maybe a more tailored show for Android only or iPhone only episodes in the
future? I don’t want to watch the iPhone segment of the show. :)´╗┐

Dayton Sander says:

Ratatat? Good taste´╗┐

BDWIXX says:

I don’t think its useful. Who doesnt know this shouldnt have a smartphobe.´╗┐

joku robinson says:

Booooooo kill this now ´╗┐

Chris Rod says:

Thank you CNET ! ´╗┐

JohnnyGification says:

I love the fix! ´╗┐

thaneswaran kalismohan says:

she is one good looking indian!´╗┐

KevMack Olson says:

She is hottt´╗┐

michael pierson says:

Probably a little late watching this video but, 1 of the best 1’s I’ve seen
so far! Def,keep thee bids coming. Thank you. ­čÖé ´╗┐

Tony Perez says:

I’m glad you posted this because I’ve been having problems with finding the
right keyboard. I like keyboards with different colors. I honestly don’t
like to text but for some reason the color keyboards make me feel more
relaxed than the black & white keyboards.I also noticed that when I’m
typing with colors is more comfortable and easier for me to see the keys
because as you mentioned on your video some of us have big fingers so I
find myself sometimes typing the wrong letters and this is highly
frustrating but; I started to swype and that has helped my texting and
searching a lot faster and with less errors. I also noticed that swyping in
my native language (Spanish) is a lot faster and I rarely see an error and
that’s surprising to me because most of my writing is in English.. I will
try your suggestions and hopefully I can find a better one. Thank you guys.
Great job. ´╗┐

Alexander Clarke says:

More apple tips and trix please. ´╗┐

jesse alvarez says:

I honestly didnt think I was gonna learn anything new, but I learned about
micro usb flash drive which is pretty awesome and fleksy keyboard´╗┐

Chris Diamond says:

So when is 1080p video coming? It’s 2014 people.´╗┐

Alessandrolundon says:

just watched it cause she’s hot´╗┐

simon abraham says:

Great video´╗┐

Speedo6677 says:

Totaallly basic stuff. This should have been labeled for noobs. ´╗┐

FUNinCity says:
Akhad Alimov says:


Ramon Custorio says:


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