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The Fix – Does your smartphone need a new battery?

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Eric Franklin breaks down the details on when you need to buy a new battery for your smartphone.


Jon MRC says:

Another tip is don’t leave your battery in extremely hot or cold weather.
IE a hot car on a summer day will ruin the cells inside. 

Grimlock1973 says:

Best thing to do is buy phones with replaceable batteries. That is why I
prefer Samsung over htc or crapple.

Torrey Winston says:

2 years? How bout after 4-5 months your battery starts it’s downward spiral

King Leslie says:

It definitely doesn’t take 2 Years. A few months you’ll notice the

Jeff C says:

I thought letting go to 0% was good for the battery. 

Andi Rachmat says:

Yea I got my battery pregnant/bulging after 2-3years using it

Steel86Curtain says:

Well I need a new battery haha

toyotaprius79 says:

I would suspect that most phones now should be able to stop charging at or
near 100%. As was said here, the biggest cause of battery depletion is
extreme temperature. Extreme temperatures for a long period of time or an
incredibly rapid increase or change in temperature.

jose060789 says:

LOL @ all the Android idiot douchebags…
Like it’s that hard to unscrew the two screws on the back cover of the
iPhone… I’ve swapped out the battery of my iPhone already and it was the
easiest thing I ever did in my life. Seriously, you guys amaze me how
stupid you are… Geez!

SeansTech says:

thats phone makers for you

Mike says:

Not so sure on the Not letting it drain to 0%, after 1 and 1/2 it lasts
almost as long as when it was new and most of the times I leave it to drain
until 1-2-3%, Samsung battery btw. 

jose rizal says:

how about iPhone? hmm..

JAS047 says:

What! There was a research article into smart phone battery by a university
(don’t no which) that said; to make your battery last longer, let it
deplete fully (to 0%) and only charge 80-90% never 100%. The article and
this guy is right to say that you should never keep your phone plugged
longer than its needed for your phone to charge. 

xpradaGx says:

what if i own an iPhone?

InTech 15 says:

How about a first time charge? Like getting a phone right out of the

Jeremy Why says:

My battery died TWICE while watching this.

I think I night need a new one. Lol

Jorge Ayala says:


jose060789 says:

That’s right Grimlock1973, I’m looking at you.

Milton Williams says:

Another reason to choose a phone with removable back cover..

TheMonkeyFarted says:

I call bull on leaving it plugged in. They have a charge controller that
will not let it ever overcharge. You can leave it plugged in forever and
all it will do is go down to 97% charge then it will charge a little back
up until 100%. It is fine to leave plugged in for long times but draining
it down to 0 does cause a full charge cycle once charged back up. Less
drainage results in less charges cycles over time.

aeroplanehero says:

“Never leave it plugged in and charged to capacity for an extended amount
of time” Does this rule apply to laptop batteries as well? I.e. for my
macbook pro

Andrew Varughese says:

are u sure this is true

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