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The Fix – DIY: Build a simple smartphone tripod mount

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Want to mount your smartphone (or tablet) to a tripod? Sharon Vaknin has a simple, affordable solution that can be built within minutes


stradglider says:

Lol! Did you guys notice how she glue the case upside down at first and than on the second rotation suddenly the camera is on top? 😅

nayelys challenges and vlogs says:

yess I have been looking for something like this

thesara2332 says:

top!!!!!! you helped me a lots thank you

Randuski says:

Yikes. I thought this was a legit channel? Whats with all the annoying background noise? Just put the mic closer to her and tell her to stop yelling.

Soham Bhatade says:

It is a freaking awesome I love your work

Amanda Vid's says:

I got the same same camera holder you could put it lower or higher that same one exactly the same one with the remote

very creative color says:

how to destroy iphone case for free! – Fixed

dragonsparkles Productions says:


Rangga -_- says:

Jeje adriel

Aj Comella says:

I always end up breaking my tripod mount, but this is helpful

Shelayne Tianna Rae says:

Or you can just go to dollar tree and buy a selfie stick for 1,00 and unscrew the top and attach to tripod

Maribel Galaz says:

add the l shape bracket the other way so
that the washer goes behind camera.

674 Films says:

Wtf thats the same exact tripod i have

Angelchakra says:

Brilliant! Thank you! 😀 Kate

Kevin Ramón says:

that thing will not allow me to put my phone in my pocket

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