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The Fix – DIY: Build a simple smartphone tripod mount (test seven)

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Want to mount your smartphone (or tablet) to a tripod? Sharon Vaknin has a simple, affordable solution that can be built within minutes.


Timothy McCusker says:

Why didn’t I think of this earlier???

Dragos Sanda says:


Liam Cochran says:

Smartphone tripod mounts are not $30, they are less then $10. Anyway this a
huge waste of time and the materials to make it cost more then a tripod

The Mad Wolf says:

I love a woman who knows her way around a toolbox

Vincent JOBARD says:


Joshua P says:


Ahmed Abdel Hamid says:

WTF was that? Does CNET really think internet people that dumb? 

Ahmed Abdel Hamid says:

WTF was that? Does CNET really think internet people that dumb? 

leinadem2 says:

LOL she messed up the installation. the phone is up side down in 2:33 and
they fixed it in 2:34

Da Mobb says:

if you’re going to use a Smartphone for that, use a Nokia which has more
function than that cheap-ass iphone 5S. 

cmachouse says:

Damn! She’s hot. What was the video suppose to be about?

marten tooma says:

good job hunn

Charles Eye says:

Handy, considering the clamp style tripod mounts only work with tiny

volkan says:

2:33 and 2:34. The position of the phone changed

EXO Jaztine says:

nice Purple

Scotti Dee says:

Mmmmmm can’t you just smell the radiation in the air over there in SF :)

Josue Sanchez says:

awesome sauce!, audio went out of sync at the end :(

chikolova ova says:

yeah, very useful to waste your time :)

César Ardiles says:

That’s very cool, I will do it :)



Antonio Marmolejo says:

She managed to mount it upside-down!

Al Bester says:

Cool how to. Why did the video lag and then glitch at the end

danjcastrillo says:

I wish she did your camera reviews

1BlackSniperz1 says:

And then, prepare to look like a dickhead with a tripod for your phone!
What a joke lol

joshWUa915 says:

I did that since the 3GS was out, didn’t use double-sided sticker. I used
gorilla glue and made it permanent to the case. Worked like a charm. But
got rid of it when the iphone 5 came out. Will try this method instead,
that sticker was a good idea.

Philliphuynh2011 says:

genius. thank you so much xoxoxo

pinkkhang says:

smart phone store in your pocket…but gotta carry the huge ass tripod…

Lance says:

I 3D printed mine.

pinkkhang says:

why the hell would you put a smart phone on a HUGE tripod…wtf.

Mika Do says:


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