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Starting a Computer Repair Business – So you want to be a computer tech?

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Jaime says:

Thanks for your video, you're very down to earth and it was a pleasure to listen to you. I also do computer repair and I really like my job.

Gino Tarabotto says:

Hi Basic Computer Help, great video, hope to see more very soon, thanks, can you tell me is there a website where I can purchase all the tools that I need, again Thanks a lot.

Brian Brewster says:

OMG – I had a computer illiterate ex-roommate that couldn't upload photos from his digital camera no matter how many times I showed him! Thousands of photos were on his camera card until the point he couldn't take any more images. Idiot.

Doom Shooter says:

Simple and easy advice , thanks man really helpful video 🙂

Mal Boyce says:

good advice

Yong king the sly fox says:

i become a computer

Maurice Williams says:

This is awesome.

Kit Horne says:

Great video! i'm 17 and starting a local computer repair shop is something I really want to do since im the go-to girl for computer issues in my family and Geek squad seems the be the only other repair place in my town. Do you have any other videos like this?

poweroftheatom says:

keep releasing more this is good

Tony Carlozzi says:

Great video thanks for posting

Basic Computer Help says:

thank you Toadenk

Toaden K says:

wow you finally got your business cards 🙂

good insights

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