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Starting a Computer Repair Business: Break/Fix, MSP, Consulting presented by Instant Housecall

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Visit http://instanthousecall.com. Why did you start your business? Is it the same reason you’re in business today? The entrepreneurial myth, phases, growth stages and pains. Business models (break/fix, consultant, managed services) and target markets (Residential vs. SMB vs Enterprise), pros and cons. Understanding customers’ real needs. The power of having a vision you believe in.


Richard says:

I honestly am starting to believe that I am one of the "crazy" ones. I have been working for myself for the past 8 years. I have worked on 4 projects so far, all in the tech industry, I spend approximately 18-20 hours a day working on my projects, I dream about my projects, I hate going to sleep because I feel like I am wasting time and I wake up and get right back to work every single morning. I never take a day off and if I go on "vacation" I feel like shit, because I know I should be back in my space, working on my projects. I am addicted to tech….

Midgardian says:

I tried the MSP route and I had plenty of business customers that would ask to add on services outside of our scope of work, but without increasing my fee. I couldn't agree to that. A hotel chain paid me by check 3 months after service was rendered, as they didn't have a corporate credit card and it just kept dragging on too long before I had to pay my overhead costs. I am also amazed that between BestBuy, both Walmarts, OfficeMax, and Target none of them have quality computer components. I have to have a larger inventory simply because they stock cheaply made, but expensive components. I live in Sheboygan, WI so that's likely part of the problem as well.

GreenFire PC and Signs says:

show starts at 15:17 I love the show very tech informative ! 🙂

Affordable Technology Solutions, LLC says:

Great show to everyone who made this possible.  Looking forward to more future episodes.

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