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Start Making Money with a Computer Repair Business Part 1,

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http://arnieoldcomputerguy.com/wp First steps to starting up. You can run a profitable computer repair business, from an expert whose done it. Become an IT Consultant. Originally a mentor training class for my private A+ students, you’ll learn about computer insider “secrets”, important trends in computer repair, evaluating your costs, market, demographics and competition. Part 1 Beginner level, Start your own profitable PC Repair Business. Taught by Arnie Davidson. Ontrack Computer http://ontrackcomputer.com


Derreck Ogden says:

Great video Arnie! At http://www.techbusinesskit.com, we have developed a system
for starting a computer repair business and evolving it into an automated
I.T. company that will generate low-maintenance income for the owner(s).
Come check out our site!

kieran marr says:

Hi there,quick question.Do computer repair technicians get garanteed work
even working for a company? surley there must be days where no1 needs there
computer fixed? whats the job security like? thanks.

Joe Panico says:

Nicely Done Arnie.. I wish there were more seasoned resources like you
which helps promote entrepreneurship in this field. Please keep them

Joe Carrasco says:


antoniomiranda1213 says:

very goood video love it 

Steve Jordan says:

very interesting and informative. 

Peter Brusso says:

Wise advice Arnie… I work with two computer stores out here in CA.
Computer repair co; to be exact. I’m a marketing/technical guy and we moved
customer service, at the counter, to be the most important way to serve
your clients and make a living. On the diagnostic fee what we found was we
must charge. The reason is people would drop off a laptop and we spend 1
hour of tech time to find out it’s dead. We always contacted the client
who; in most cases, never came back for the laptop. Now we had laptops
abandoned and we had to keep safe for 30 days or more before we could do
anything with them. Also, we lost all that tech time; which from a business
stand point is a loss as we still had to pay a tech the hour labor. Just
some thoughts from the other side. Keep going with these videos.. good
stuff Arnie!

myviews says:

good vid unfortunately I cant stop my cursor from jumping when i am typing.

Laptop Repair Data says:

Key to the future

Steve Taylor says:

why don’t u stick to sticking ram in

arnieoldcomputerguy says:

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