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Spudger and Prying Tool Kit for Tablet Computer and Smartphone Repair

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A http://www.screensurgeons.com production. Description of a tool kit with prying and spudger tips to open smartphones and tablet computers for repair. Included in the kit are a handle that accepts tips. Tips included are angled, bent and flat and a tip with a slot in the center to pry open with a screw in the middle. Also, the tool kit contains PH00, PH0 and Torx bits bits and metal tweezers.

Order this Toolkit for $17 online at: http://screensurgeons.mybigcommerce.com/spudger-and-prying-tool-kit-for-tablet-computer-and-smartphone-repair/


Ricardo Salazar says:

I want it!!!! <3

ScreenSurgeons says:

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