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Solved: Laptop Keyboard Not Working EASY FIX – 2017 / 2018

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Make sure to watch the full video before commenting anything.
I fixed most of my laptop keys as none of them were working. Still couple of keys are not working for me, im trying to search for the fix.

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L says:

Doesn't work for me

#Princess Jenna says:

It does work nevermind! Thank you so much your the best

#Princess Jenna says:

1:15 I tried the thing again until I restarted it and then I had to wait for WINDOWS TO GET READY, will it still work??

jayita kayal says:

Thank you so much.. You are a life saver.. Its worked!!!!!!!!

Mamotlatla Mooko says:

Worked like a charm… thank you… how do i fix individual keys that don't work

stxphanie 14 says:

Works!!!! Thank you!!

meleny mayer says:

Thank you it work OMG wow I find your channel wow

Julia Sescon says:

why does it not work on mine? :''((

Ashwin kumbhare says:

Wow – This really worked – Thank you so much.

Alain Feliciane says:

Thanks a lot.Your video should be made available before those who reckon removing the keyboard and making physical interventions on it.I watched those ones first and I was quite apprehensive about physically intervening on my keyboard but I was well inspired to look for you and I found YOU.

francis rubio says:

Thanks a lot.

Hiral Mehta says:

Hey what if i uninstalled the app and immediately restarted it then?

Gaming 4 Life says:

Thanks boi saved my life

jhune abelgas says:


Jyann PopularTeams says:

How can I get incause I have a password 🙁

Deborah Rochefort says:

It works now! Thank you so much!

amitesh gothania says:

Thank you so much dear after watching it wont work….. but seriously it is solved my serious problem of keyboard.
Thanks Once again.

TheWelshEngineer says:

Yeah doesnt work

Angga says:

Don't working… My help please…

Naima tedrfit says:

thank you much your video helped me with my laptop ,thank you sooooooo musch

Kalani Long says:

OMG Works Like a Charm .. Thank You

dsexllkhg dfrsvcg says:

It didn,t work same problem dud,4to5 letters are not working i don' know wy

Deborah Alvarez says:

In order to do what you are telling us to do, I have to get on. I'm trying to log on. The keyboard will it type. Can you tell me how to get it to type on I can log in?

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