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“Smartphone Repair Mississauga” “Smartphone Repair Mississauga”.Fantastic Fleamarket.(905) 274-9403

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“Smartphone Repair Mississauga” “Smartphone Repair Mississauga”.Visit the Fantastic Fleamarket.Call (905) 274-9403

http://www.fantasticfleamarket.com or https://www.mississauga-fleamarket.org/” Smartphone Repair Mississauga”,Call Us at (905) 274-9403, 1250 South Service Road
Mississauga Ontario, ON L5E 1V4

Is your smartphone in need of repair? Do you need a new LCD? Is there a need for a full diagnostic? Looking for an Android TV Box. Do you also need LCD TV mounts, smartphone and tablet accessories? Please go to Cellphone Repair in Booth #72 of the Yellow Room of the Fantastic Flea Market

Cell Phone Repair-Yellow 75

The Fantastic Flea Market was established in 1976. It is the oldest and longest running market in the GTA.A visit to the Fantastic Flea Market is something of an adventure. You can expect the most unusual and unique items at very reasonable prices.Give-aways, bargains and fun are served up every weekend. Entertainment, the hustled and bustle of bartering with varied, friendly vendors and the enormous bargains to be had
are compelling reasons why the popularity of the Fantastic Flea Market continues into its 42th year of operation. Open from 10am until 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. All year around.Please visit
our site at http://www.fantasticfleamarket.com/ or https://www.mississauga-fleamarket.org/

If you are looking for good merchandise at great deals& prices, then look no further than the Fantastic Flea Market! Our vendors carry a wide variety of quality goods including; art, antiques,
books, collectibles, clothing,electronics, jewelry, movies and music and much, much more.Fantastic Flea Market is located in the lower level of the Dixie Outlet Mall, 1250 South Service Road,

There’s plenty of FREE parking!

Do you have a small business and are looking for a place to rent?
The Fantastic Flea Market has many booths available to rent.
We have been operating out of the same location for over 30 years!
Please drop by and talk to us about setting up a vendors booth.

Vendor’s Directory

Red Blue Yellow and Green

This is a collection of our vendors in every room of our Market identified by coloured signage in each section. We also have an information booth to assist you in finding the vendors
selling the items that you need. Stop by anytime and we will direct you to the right place.Please visit our site at http://www.fantasticfleamarket.com/ or https://www.Mississauga-fleamarket.org

Fantastic Flea Market Limited
1250 South Service Road
Mississauga Ontario, ON L5E 1V4
(905) 274-9403

http://www.fantasticfleamarket.com/ or https://www.Mississauga-fleamarket.org/

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