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Smartphone and Tablet Repair Tool Kit

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A http://www.screensurgeons.com production. Description of a tablet computer and smartphone repair toolkit. Tool kit includes Phillips PH00, PH0 and PH1 screwdriver bits. Torx and Flathead bits also included. Additional items in the toolkit are suction cup, memory card extraction pin, tweezers, guitar pick prying tool and extension attachments for the screwdriver handle.

Order this Toolkit online for $19.95 at: http://screensurgeons.mybigcommerce.com/tablet-computer-laptop-computer-and-smartphone-repair-tool-kit/


shanadoia says:

i sure could use that set

Enrique Arauz says:

Nice, I want this tool kit. It would be very helpful.

AoN Williams says:


ScreenSurgeons says:

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